What happens to Agustín Almendra? He does not appear for Boca’s practices, he will be fined and the club does not know what to do with him

He was a father recently and his wish is to go play outside. The family environment, a possible trigger for a complex situation. Last modification: October 15, 2020, 3:58 p.m. Almendra is not showing up to train and will be fined by the club. Patron Bermúdez says the situation hurts them. Family problems can be … Read more

Controversy! Strong phrase of a DT from Boca about Almendra: “It is not normal for a boy of 20 to be with a boy of 40”

Agustin Almond goes through a conflict situation in Boca. The midfielder decided not to attend the training sessions of the professional team of the Xeneize and the club’s football council is studying the possibility of applying a financial sanction. In the middle of this situation, a former player of the blue and gold team who … Read more

The separation of Almendra, among the pearls offered by the Stage 2 Festival, free and via streaming

Until Friday, October 30, the festival is running Scenario 2: Cinema + Music. Free and by streaming, through the public platform Contar, they can be seen 24 documentaries about musicians. The festival seeks to consolidate the value of documentary production about music. The schedule is divided into three sections: “Official Section”, “Rescues and rarities” Y … Read more

The hard story behind the Boca and Almendra conflict: from being worth $ 15 million to being separated from the campus

For more than a year he was the great promise of the mouth and considered one of the best talents to emerge in Argentine football. At age 20, eat Agustin Almendra He is going through a difficult time that could lead to his departure from the club. Almond he is separated from the campus, he … Read more

Drastic decision of Agustín Almendra with Boca: the footballer decided not to show up to train anymore

The situation of Agustín Almendra in Boca added a new chapter and for now it is not known if he will play in Boca again. As the journalist Martín Costa explained this noon in Halcones y Palomas, the footballer made the decision not to train at Xeneize anymore. “A week ago, Agustín Almendra made the … Read more