Use of WWTP sludge compost in the fertilization of almond trees in a rainfed area of ​​the Mediterranean basin

Bibliographic citation Albiach, R., Rojo, P., Fajardo, V., Fayos, G., Montoya, T., Pomares, F. et al. (2018) Use of WWTP sludge compost in the fertilization of almond trees in a rainfed area of ​​the Mediterranean basin In: Albiach, R., Canet, R., Montoya, T., Pérez Piqueres, A., Quiñones, A ., Red, P. (eds.). Comprehensive management of … Read more

Albacete, the leading province in Spain, in underwriting the almond tree insurance with 18,700 hectares insured – News of Albacete

The hectares insured in Albacete represent 27% of the national subscription of this insurance line. The compensation received per claim during this campaign amounted to € 1.67 million. The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food offers the level of support that there was the previous season for these lines of insurance. Next Monday, November 30, … Read more

#RECIPE Autumn pasilla chiles with almond sauce and cream cheese

Autumn pasilla peppers INGREDIENTS6 pasilla chili peppers250 gr of ground beef250 gr of ground pork50 gr of walnuts, halved59 gr de pasitas2 apples in cubes2 pears, diced2 slices of pineapple honey in cubes150 gr of chopped tomato1/2 onion finely chopped2 garlic cloves, finely choppedc / s of olive oil1 bar of butter2 cloves1/2 tsp ground … Read more

Almond and a more than exciting celebration

“Girl (Paper Eyes)“, “Ana does not sleep“, “Prayer for a child“, son some of the classics featured on Almendra’s debut album. The disc, namesake to the band, celebrates its silver anniversary as it turns 50 years old. For this reason, Sony Music decided to make a tribute more than emotional. It’s about a documentary that … Read more

Almond production reached a historical maximum of 111,000 tons in 2019

Seville, Aug 20 (EFE) .- The almond cultivation area grew by nine percent in 2019 compared to the previous year and set a new record in Andalusia with 185,619 hectares and production reached historical highs of more than 111,000 tons, 4% more than the previous year, as reported in a statement by the Ministry of … Read more

Ojo Show: Gomelsky Almond, between tears: “I very much doubt that COVID-19 has

Updated 08/31/2020 at 2:24 PM The television host, Almendra Gomelsky – with tears in his eyes – thanked all his followers and colleagues for their support and solidarity after his father passed away at 85 years of age. He did so through a live broadcast on his Instagram and Facebook social media accounts. “The reason … Read more

Almond costume certificates and interest of up to 15% at AlAhli Bank

The National Bank of Egypt offered 3 savings certificates with different interest, as it is considered one of the most important banks that are on the top of the banking system’s list in order to give customers a distinct interest on their savings for certificates. National Bank savings certificates and interest of up to 15%: … Read more