The death of Al-Saeed Al-Qasabi, the hero of the October War, in Kafr El-Sheikh during his ablution

Al-Saeed Al-Qasabi, his fame “Mohamed Al-Qasabi”, the 76-year-old, from the city of Bella, in the Kafr El-Sheikh governorate, died today, Wednesday, and one of the heroes of the Glorious October War of 1973 AD, inside his house in the Al-Qt’a area in Bella, suddenly while performing ablution to perform the Duha prayer at his home. … Read more

Abdullah Al-Saeed complains to Al-Ahly to “FIFA”

Moataz Al Shami (Dubai) Counselor Hani Zahran, the lawyer in charge of defending Abdullah Al-Saeed, the Pyramids player, against the cases brought by Al-Ahly Club against the player, confirmed that Al-Saeed resorted to the International Football Association “FIFA”, for the complaint of the “Red Castle”, for violating the degrees of sports litigation, And resorting to … Read more

Video.. Amr Adib mocks Sherif Ekramy and sings for Abdullah Al-Saeed in Al-Baladi

The media, Amr Adib, mocked Sherif Ekramy, the Pyramids goalkeeper, because of the mistake he made in the Al-Ahly match and cost his team a goal. During his program “The Story” on the “mbc Egypt” screen, on Sunday evening, Adeeb waved his hands upwards as if he was stopping a ball aimed at him, but … Read more

After closing her satellite channel, the Kuwaiti Fajr Al-Saeed does a strange thing

The controversial Kuwaiti media, Fajr Al-Saeed, announced yesterday, in a tweet, the closure of her account on the micro-blogging site (Twitter), without giving the reasons that prompted her to take this sudden step, especially since she is very active on this platform. Last month, Al-Saeed announced, through a tweet on Twitter, the closure of her … Read more

After she raised the shoes live in the face of this artist.. Fajr Al-Saeed closed her channel and moved away from the media.. The reason shocked everyone!

2022/05/20 It’s 02:10 pm Island Bay | Follow Favorite Kuwaiti media, Fajr Al-Saeed, decided to close her TV channel, Scope, because it was unable to continue, after 12 years of broadcasting. Al-Saeed said in a message to her that “in light of the developed world, it is not possible to continue costly television broadcasting in … Read more

Farouk Jaafar resolves the controversy over Zamalek’s contract with Abdullah Al-Saeed

Sharjah – Omaima Yasser – Farouk Jaafar, the former player of Zamalek club, revealed the fact that the White Castle entered into negotiations with Abdullah Al-Saeed, the star of the Pyramids midfielder. Jaafar said, in a telephone interview with the “Hazrat Al-Citizen” program, presented by the media, Sayed Ali, and broadcast on the “Al-Hadath Al-Youm” … Read more