Yara’s reasons for building a new 300 million pesos plant in Tamaulipas

“Mexican agriculture produces high-value foods such as avocado, tomatoes and berries … The country is one of the main agricultural producers in the world,” says Gianni Canetti, general director and country manager of Yara Mexico, producer of fertilizers of Norwegian origin. It plans to complete the construction of a new processing plant in Tamaulipas in … Read more

EDF Logroño saves a point in the add-on thanks to Inés Altamira (1-1)

SHARE TUITEA WHATSAPP Email EDF Logroño drew 1-1 against Sporting de Huelva, thanks to a goal from Inés Altamira in the last minute of added time. In desperation, it helps the Rioja to save a point and neutralize a header from Dany Helena, a former local player, after a corner kick. Even with everything, the … Read more

Cold fronts will maintain pleasant weather in southern Tamaulipas

Two cold fronts, one that will approach northern Mexico today, which will extend with stationary characteristics in Chihuahua and Coahuila and another that will enter the national territory on Tuesday, will maintain a warm to warm environment in Tampico, Madero and Altamira. Subscribe to the digital edition of El Sol de Tampico here According to … Read more

Weather today in Tamaulipas; Cold mornings and afternoons for Monday, November 2

Leticia Gutierrez Tamaulipas / 02.11.2020 08:48:57 The National Meteorological System, forecast for the Gulf of MexicoPartly cloudy sky with frosts in the morning in Tamaulipas and cloudy in the rest of the region with banks of morning fogs and isolated rains. The mornings will be cold, while the rest of the day will be pleasant, … Read more