The Council grants the first Horeca loan to a hotel: 60,750 euros in Cap Negret de Altea

ALTEA. The Hotel Cap Negret, in the town of Altea, in the Marina Baixa, has been the first beneficiary of the Horeca line of subsidized loans, promoted by the IVF within the Resiste Plan and which have incorporated direct aid of up to 30%, According to sources from the Generalitat through a statement. Specifically, the … Read more

The lawyer for the Russian mafia advised his friends to give money to the parties: “Do like me”

Related news The phone calls to the achievers and the alleged members of the great Russian mafia plot in Spain dismantled this past week is revealing really disturbing details. Many of them, referring to the depth of the contacts they had established with officials, politicians and other members of the General State Administration. According to … Read more