Soon free online training for youth leaders

News from 01/23/2021 Tweet ??Volunteering? For sure! ?? – Under this motto, the youth care organizations of the Betzdorf-Gebhardshain and churches offer youth leader training. The first online module with an expert will soon start. Participation is free. Those interested should be quick to register. Symbol photo Pixabay Region. Methodical tools for group work will … Read more

Low interest rates a growing challenge for Volksbank Gebhardshain

News from November 26th, 2020 Tweet The low interest rate policy of the European Central Bank is also increasingly challenging the Volksbank Gebhardshain. Nevertheless, she could now look back positively on 2019 at her first virtual general meeting. This is due, among other things, to a sustained boom in residential real estate and lively investments … Read more

Family donates to the Friesenhagen / Friesenhagen fire brigade

News from November 22nd, 2020 Tweet On Saturday, November 21, the Friesenhagen volunteer fire brigade received a donation of 406.21 euros from the Manfred Hecken family, who live in the Friesenhagen district of Hilchenbach. Manfred Hecken has this year on his property in Hilchenbach These sunflowers were then offered for self-cutting between August and mid-September, … Read more

Donation of 16,000 euros from Volksbank Daaden eG for the multi-purpose hall in Dermbach

News from November 16, 2020 Tweet The cultural life in the region has been very important to Volksbank Daaden for years. Therefore, with a donation totaling 16,000 euros, she is supporting the multi-purpose hall project in Dermbach, which the local associations there have been promoting for several years. In the picture front from left: Dieter … Read more