Thousands of altered COVID-19 vaccines seized in China and South Africa

The police of China and of South Africa seized thousands of doses of bogus vaccines against COVID-19, as reported on Wednesday by the international organization Interpol, which they consider to be only the “tip of the iceberg.” The organization based in the French city of Lyon stated that 400 vials were seized, the equivalent of … Read more

Athletics, the Court of Bolzano acquits Schwazer: “In 2016 there was no doping, altered test tubes to discredit the athlete”

BOLZANO – The best victory in recent years. Alex Schwazer he raises his arms to the sky, this time not at the finish line of a walking race, but in a courtroom. The investigating judge of the Bolzano Court, Walter Pelino, in fact, ordered the dismissal of the criminal proceedings against Alex Schwazer for “not … Read more

Photo 1: IN PHOTOS: How the pandemic altered four major scenarios in 2020

The coronavirus pandemic came to change the life of the entire world in 2020, forcing the world population to undergo quarantine and carry out daily activities from home. Likewise, the arrival of the covid-19 forced major political, sports, cinematographic and musical events to be severely affected. Photos: AFP, AP and Courtesy. (12/29/2020 – 08:09 PM) … Read more

They manage to breach the security of Mac computers with an altered USB-C cable

The old adage of “Apple computers are virus-free” seems to have once again been a thing of the past. Newer Mac devices use a security chip, T2, that protects the device. But a group of researchers managed to develop an “exploit”, a vulnerability, using only a modified USB-C cable. Among other actions, this fault allows … Read more

Netflix starts wave of cancellations: Goodbye to “Altered Carbon”, “The Society”, “This shit surpasses me” and more series | “The hidden world of Sabrina” | “Dead to me”

In the last days, Netflix has announced a barrage of cancellations that a new victim has been claimed. The most recent is about the science fiction series “Altered Carbon“, which only had two seasons. The fiction, based on the homonymous novel by Richard K. Morgan, had a first installment of 10 chapters, a second season … Read more

“Altered Carbon” – Wrecked by Netflix

“Altered Carbon” contains so much blood, ultra-violence and unmotivated nudity that “Game of Thrones” appears as “The House on the Prairie”, concluded Dagbladet’s reviewer, and gave the first season (2018) dicethrow five. This winter, Netflix released season 2 of the science fiction series “Altered Carbon”, then it was time for an animated spinoff in March, … Read more

Netflix shut down Altered Carbon – Gambling addiction

Netflix closed extremely interesting series “Altered carbon“After the second season. The reasons are standard: they watch too little, they cost too much. Premiere Altered Carbon took place in 2018, and then the series was recognized as one of the best shows in cyberpunk style. Moreover, the rating on imdb exceeded eight points. At the beginning … Read more

Netflix series Altered Carbon ends and will not get a third season | NOW

There will be no third season for the science fiction series Altered Carbon, reports Deadline Wednesday. This means that the second series that has already been broadcast is also the last of the Netflix series. The decision would not have to do with the corona crisis, but was taken because of a disappointing viewership and … Read more