Atopic dermatitis: the silent disease that alters your mood and causes stress

Within the framework of World Atopic Dermatitis Day (DA), which is commemorated every September 14, the Argentine Atopic Dermatitis Association (ADAR) and the Civil Association for Psoriasis Patients (AEPSO) presented the results of the largest survey carried out in patients with this disease in our country. 1,650 people from all over the national territory participated … Read more

“. The stadiums? Last of the problems, but you have to play during the day because the sun alters the virus”

Speaking live in Teleradiostereo, Giorgio Palù, professor emeritus of the University of Padua and former president of the European Society of Virology, made the following statements: Covid continues to be on the agenda. This is a virus that we should live with, it will stay with us for a long time. We must reflect on … Read more

Republican congressman alters Biden video, Twitter acts to veto content – CNN

Twitter again acted against manipulated content. This time it was the tweet from a Republican leader in Congress, Steve Scalise, who altered a Joe Biden interview with Ady Barkan to make it appear that the Democratic presidential candidate wanted to take funds away from the US police departments. .

The director of the RAE on inclusive language: “The splitting alters the economy of the language and spoils a beautiful language”

The director of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE), Santiago Muñoz Machado (EFE / Chema Moya) Recently there was controversy in Argentina when President Alberto Fernández was heard saying “everyone.” But the RAE director’s comment was not directed at the Argentine president. Not especially in any case. The jurist who currently presides over the Royal Spanish … Read more