Palermo, huge fire in Altofonte: some houses evacuated

30 August 2020 00:52 The mayor: “Very serious situation”. The Councilor for the Territory: “Dramatic hours. We are doing what we can” The firefighters are engaged in other fires in other towns of the province: Carini, Termini Imerese, Sciara, Polizzi Generosa and Santa Cristina Gela. A fire also broke out in Monte Pellegrino. In that … Read more

Flames around Palermo, the mayor of Altofonte: “Abandon the houses”

The flames entered the village of Altofonte: the fire front, over two kilometers long, enveloped the first houses in the highest part of the municipality, ten kilometers from Palermo. More than half of the inhabitants have been evacuated and waiting for the canadair and forestry helicopters to come into operation in a few hours, at … Read more

Sicily, vast fire in the woods of Altofonte. The mayor: get out of your homes

again emergency fires in Sicily. This time a gigantic fire is destroying the hills around the town of Altofonte, in the Palermo area, the flames have arrived close to the town. The very serious situation, all citizens who live under the woods, including the Campo Vecchio area, Cozzo di Castro, Corso Piano Renda, must move … Read more