Álvaro Delgado-Gal: About Trump

Alvaro Delgado-Gal Updated:11/27/2020 01: 47h save Trump’s defeat has produced in many Europeans, and apparently in all Spaniards who speak out in the media, a mixture of relief and frustration. Relief, because it has been understood that Trump was nefarious. Frustration, due to the tightness of the result. 41 percent of those polled at the … Read more

Machiavelli in the Eixample, by Francesc-Marc Álvaro

It is as if in London they knew what Catalan politics lacks better than they do here. Distance sometimes brings clarity. In the wake of the fall of Dominic Cummings, Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s senior adviser, the latest issue of The Economist analyzes the role of spin doctors and concludes that “the modern Machiavelli has … Read more

The Álvaro de Bazán frigate returns to the Ferrol Arsenal after sailing through the Mediterranean and the Black Sea

Facebook 0 Twitter 0 WhatsApp 0 The voice of Galicia R. Loureiro Ferrol 22/11/2020 14:35 h The Álvaro de Bazán frigate, the F-101, returned this morning to its base at the Ferrol Military Arsenal. A base from which he had sailed on June 22, when he put to sea to carry out the relief in … Read more

The frigate “Álvaro de Bazán” returns to Ferrol after spending five months deployed with NATO – Ferrol

The frigate “Álvaro de Bazán” ended early in the morning of this Sunday, November 22, a deployment that has lasted for the last five months, after setting sail from its base, in the Ferrol Military Arsenal, last June 22, and dock in this same place. During this time, the Spanish Navy ship has acted as … Read more

The frigate “Alvaro de Bazan” returns to Ferrol this Sunday after completing its deployment with NATO – Ferrol

The frigate “Álvaro de Bazán” is scheduled to dock this Sunday, November 22, at 9:00 am, at the Ferrol Military Arsenal, where it has its base, after completing its deployment with NATO days ago. The Spanish Navy ship has been serving in recent months as the command ship of the NATO Permanent Group No. 2, … Read more

One year of Apple TV +: renewals, slow pace and path to the Emmy | by Álvaro Onieva | Nov, 2020

Apple TV + has survived its first year. The video platform in streaming of the giant Apple celebrated last Sunday, November 1, its first birthday and could blow out the candles with some satisfaction. It is true that it has not yet had any stratospheric pitch nor can it compete against the large platforms – … Read more

Former coach Vicente del Bosque and actor Álvaro Mel seek ‘solidarity hearts’ to help Caritas

SALAMANCA, 6 Nov. (EUROPA PRESS) – The former selector Vicente del Bosque and the actor Álvaro Mel have joined as guests the solidarity initiative ‘solidarity hearts’, a proposal led in the province by Caja Rural de Salamanca and which aims to raise funds for the Cáritas headquarters in the city of Salamanca and in Ciudad … Read more

Bolivia expels the ambassador of Mexico and the consul of Spain, Álvaro Fernández

The Bolivian government asked the Mexican ambassador and the Spanish consul on Monday to leave the Andean country, after the Mexican government denounced that Bolivian authorities withheld the cars of Spanish officials who visited their diplomatic residence in La Paz. “The Government (…) has decided to declare the ambassador of Mexico in Bolivia, María Teresa … Read more

Álvaro Uribe denounces Iván Cepeda: Álvaro Uribe withdraws from a complaint for slander against Iván Cepeda | Judicial

The slander complaint was made in 2019 before the Supreme Court of Justice when Ivan Cepeda He published a trill in which he pointed out the former president and former senator Álvaro Uribe of ordering and covering up false positives. Read also: At the time the Court ordered investigate Uribe and today a notification came … Read more