PCR Test Prices Drop, Alvin Lie: Flights Still Difficult to Rise

loading… JAKARTA – A number of airlines are flocking to lower ticket prices to reduce ticket prices PCR test price and antigens. Previously, the government through the Ministry of Health officially lowered the price of swab antigens and PCR in Java and Bali to Rp495,000 and outside Java and Bali to Rp550 thousand. Aviation observer … Read more

Alvin advances to Tokyo Olympics main draw, miracle from Zohri awaits – kicknews.today

kicknews.today – The 2020 Tokyo Olympics athletics began yesterday, Friday (31/7) at the Olympic Stadium, with Alvin Tehupeiory representing Indonesia in the women’s 100 meters. Despite not being able to enter the semifinals, the sprinter from Maluku managed to advance to the main round after placing third in the heat 3 competition in the qualifying … Read more

Indonesian Sprinter Alvin Tehupeiory Runs to the Main Round

Indonesian women’s sprinter Alvin Tehupeiory (Source: ANTARA -) JAKARTA, KOMPAS.TV– Indonesian women’s sprinter Alvin Tehupeiory advanced to the main round of the women’s 100 meters at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics after placing third in the heat 3 competition at the Olympic Stadium, Friday (30/7/2021). Appearing in lane 7, Alvin shot with a time of 11.89 … Read more

Tokyo 2020 Olympics Athletic Results: Alvin Tehupeiory Fails to Qualify for the Semifinals : Okezone Sports

TOKYO – Indonesian female runner steps, Alvin Tehupeiory, must be stopped in the first round of athletics (sports) in the sprint number 100 meter (m) Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Because, Alvin failed to penetrate the top three as a condition for the semifinals. The first round of the competition itself took place at the Olympic Stadium, … Read more

Arriving in Tokyo, Muhammad Zohri and Alvin Tehupeiory were welcomed by the Indonesian Embassy in Japan: Okezone Sports

TOKYO – Indonesia’s flagship sprinter, Then Muhammad Zohri and Alvin Tehupeiory, have arrived in Japan to defend the Indonesian contingent in Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Their presence at Narita Airport, Tokyo, on Sunday (25/7/2021) morning WIB, was welcomed by officials and staff of the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia (KBRI) in Japan. Deputy Ambassador of … Read more

Often Receives Offer SMS at Unreasonable Hours, Alvin Lie Sues Indosat

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – Member of the Ombudsman of the Republic of Indonesia, Alvin Lie, sued PT Indosat Tbk to the Central Jakarta District Court because it was considered that he often sent bidding messages continuously. The lawsuit is registered with case number 464 / Pdt.G / 2020 / PN JKT.Pst dated 14 August 2020. In … Read more