In San Lorenzo, acts of domestic violence are recorded

A young girl was beaten by her partner and, in another incident, a subject hit her brother and caused damage to their house. At least two incidents of intra-family violence were registered in the city of San Lorenzo on the day of the Christmas celebration. In the first one, at 7.30 in the morning the … Read more

Virtual closure of Regional Television

At least a dozen workers were laid off during the New Year’s Eve festivities. The cable television channel “Regional Television”Would have come to an end. At least one of its flagship productions, “Regional Television News“It would be stopped, so at least twelve workers would lose their jobs. The information took on significance this Wednesday with … Read more

Strong storm hit the area with copious rains and intense electrical activity

The phenomenon had as its epicenter the Industrial Cordon and will continue until the last hours of Sunday. Strong storms with copious rainfall and intense electrical activity hit the south of Santa Fe, especially in the Industrial Cordon area since late Friday night. The meteorological report indicates that, during this Saturday, October 24, the storms … Read more