“Even the one who was kicked out continues… ” Eun Ji-won’s ‘naughty remark’, the comment window was turned upside down

Eun Ji-won captured the attention of netizens with her bold remarks. Eun Ji-won and Kim Jong-min appeared as guests on tvN’s ‘Amazing Saturday – Doremi Market’ broadcast on the 16th. This day’s broadcast was conducted as a special feature of P.O, who is about to enlist. Below is tvN’s ‘Amazing Saturday – Doremi Market’ Eun … Read more

No-Je, a ‘Swoopa’ who appeared on a variety show, was speechless (+Photo)

‘Amazing Saturday’ Noje caught the eye with its best-in-class visuals. In the tvN entertainment program ‘Amazing Saturday – Doremi Market’, which aired on the 6th, Noje and Aiki, who received attention for Mnet’s ‘Street Woman Fighter’, appeared as guests. Noje, who appeared in a wig with bangs on that day, attracted attention with her best-looking … Read more