25 people evacuated due to fire in residential care center Amersfoort

Last night there was a fire in a residential care center in Amersfoort. All 25 residents and staff were evacuated, no one was injured, reports RTV Utrecht. According to the Safety Region Utrecht, the fire was extinguished fairly quickly. Most residents were able to return to their homes during the night. Only the occupant of … Read more

Ten residents died after an outbreak in an Amersfoort nursing home

In the Sint Elisabeth Nursing and Gasthuis in Amersfoort, ten residents have so far died after a major corona outbreak, reports RTV Utrecht. Earlier this week, it was announced that 70 of the 106 residents had tested positive. According to the nursing home, the number of infections has not increased since Monday. On Monday it … Read more

Corona outbreak Amersfoort: ‘No studies have been done on this’

According to professor of immunology Marjolein van Egmond of the Amsterdam UMC, the vaccination of residents is now being tailor-made. “This is an exception, no studies have been conducted into this situation. It is necessary to look at when the complaints of the residents decrease. The plan can therefore also differ per patient. Normally, the … Read more