Reform/ Health/ Agency/ Drugs/ AMO/ Equity/ CNSS/ CNOPS

Written by Saad Jafri Tuesday January 24, 2023 🚨 Ring #12: πŸ₯Š Guest: Dr. Mohamed Zidouh, Councilor at the House of Councilors (2nd House of Parliament) πŸ‘‰ Reform/ Health/ Agency/ Drugs/ AMO/ Funding/ Equity/ CNSS/ CNOPS πŸ₯Š Round #1: Health Reform / What strategy for what benefit(s)? πŸ₯Š Round #2: AMO / How does it … Read more

AXA Morocco launches the 1st individual health insurance complementary to the AMO

Intended for individuals and professionals, “SEHASSUR” is the first individual complementary health insurance offer in Morocco, with a one-stop shop model following the signing of an agreement with the CNSS National Social Security Fund. AXA Assurance Maroc supports the AMO generalization project and joins forces with the CNSS to contribute to it, by developing an … Read more