Her life turned dark after she ate the leftover noodles! Hands and legs amputated

The New England Journal of Medicine, a health journal published in England, published a news about how a male student’s life turned into a nightmare. A male student was admitted to the hospital complaining of high fever and malaise after eating his friend’s hangover chicken noodle. The young man’s heartbeat accelerated, and after 20 hours … Read more

Roman Kostomarov amputated both legs to the knee and the entire hand

The media became aware of new details about the state of health of the Olympic champion in figure skating Roman Kostomarov, who has been in intensive care for over two months, writes TopNEWS. The source of the MK publication confirmed that on Friday the skater was disconnected from the ventilator, when it became clear that … Read more

Admitted to the hospital for a flu, the patient will have both legs amputated

In a few days, the life of Julianna Brandsen has changed. A teacher and mother of two children, this 44-year-old woman suffered from septic shock following the flu, and had to have both legs amputated. As reported by our colleagues from The Independent, on New Year’s Eve, this Briton felt flu-like symptoms. She then goes … Read more

“Our mother is no longer a shadow of herself”: she was amputated after the attacks of March 22, 2016, her husband, a former Franco-Belgian diplomat, killed

Both retired, André and Danielle Adam, living in Forest, in the Brussels region, were in the departures hall at Zaventem airport on March 22, 2016 when the bombs exploded. André, a former diplomat of French nationality, died almost instantly. He was 79 years old. His wife had to have half of her left foot amputated. … Read more

she had to have both feet amputated

Since December 25, Pauline Micheli, 33, from Wihogne (Juprelle), has been hospitalized for what she initially thought was the flu. “On December 18, 2022, we celebrated the birthday of his youngest daughter, Cléa. Pauline was beginning to have a cold. On Tuesday, the doctor diagnoses him with the flu, with mandatory rest, taking painkillers and … Read more

“I managed to do it and I’m very happy”: both legs amputated after the attacks in Brussels, Béatrice testified at the trial

Béatrice de Lavalette came to talk about her March 22. With pictures of her after the explosion. Very difficult images and narrative. She was 17 when it happened. Béatrice arrived at Justitia in a wheelchair, focused but also stressed. This trial is for her to plunge back into the hell of the attacks at the … Read more

Béatrice has both legs amputated after the attacks in Brussels: “Horse riding and my horses brought me back to life”

On March 22, 2016, Béatrice was in line at the airport to catch a plane to the United States. She is a few meters from one of the terrorists. Wounded, Béatrice is a miracle: “I saw other people, who were right next to me, being picked up, and not me”she recalls. “I heard other people … Read more

[스포츠타임] ‘Impression of football’ Soccer player with amputated leg ‘received Puskas Award’ |

▲ ⓒ Yonhap News / Reuters [스포티비뉴스=김한림·장하준 영상기자]The most special Puskas Award winner of all time has been born. The FIFA Football Awards have announced the winner of the Puskas Award each year. The Puskas Award is an award given to the player who scored the coolest and most special goal in the soccer game … Read more

Roman Kostomarov, the dying skating champion also loses his eye after the viral infection. Limbs amputated, brain damage

Doctors assess the condition of the Olympic ice dancing champion as extremely serious Roman Kostomarov. “A part of his brain was affected and damaged,” he says Ria Novosticiting a source familiar with the situation. Roman Kostamorov, the skating champion hit by a viral infection The channel Shot Telegram writes that the Olympic figure skating champion … Read more