Patras and Delon: This came after years!

So this experience is envied by a large number of women! When Dad in the 80’s she visited France to shoot the series, she had the opportunity to meet the idol of women in person. She received not only compliments, but even flowers, which were sent to the actress at the actress Delon’s request. “The … Read more

Delon cries for Belmond († 88), but … They hated each other for years!

“It would be nice if we left together, because we started together 60 years ago,” lamented the actor, who has often thought about death in recent years, and even sold his watch collection because, he said, he hated inheritance proceedings. Both were famous, sometimes denying mutual rivalry, sometimes feeding. But they respected each other. That’s … Read more

EXCLUSIVELY: Johnny Depp gave Marquis an interview right on the red carpet

28. 08. 2021 22:02 | KARLOVE VARY /, David Grich We managed to do an interview with a Hollywood star. Exclusive Interview with Johnny Depp. Photo: Markíza / Martin Lachkovič It seemed to be Johnny Depp he will no longer appear in front of the Thermal Hotel, where hundreds and hundreds of fans were … Read more

The late Actor Vladimír Marek († 69): A rough fate full of hardship!

His departure is another blow to the theatrical, puppetry, musical and film worlds. Especially since Vladimir Marek he died completely lonely. His body was discovered by the police on Thursday evening without any signs of life in his apartment in Vinohrady, Prague, from which he had not been leaving in recent years due to a … Read more

Actor Leoš Noha (53): Waiting for a heart transplant!

“I have a congenital heart defect, my heart is working at about twenty percent. So I’m waiting for a transplant, “he revealed Althoughwho is a passionate athlete, but football temporarily had to hang on a nail! Drama u Lawns! Monika called the police. And actor Noha had a heart attack on set “I’ve been on … Read more

Jaroslav Satoranský: Touching words and the departure of a beloved woman

Satoransky is currently filming the fourth series of the Modrava Police series. He spends most of his days in Šumava in the fresh air, where he is well. Maybe that’s why he has no problem talking about the loss of a loved one. “I’m still sad, sometimes I forget in a team, but when I’m … Read more

Unexpected transformation of actor Pavel Zedníček (71): Čmaňa without a mustache!

Without a beard under his nose, he looks completely different. “I’m growing a little now, but I didn’t have it at all a few days ago. People didn’t know me. “ entrusted the actor in an interview for ČRo Dvojka, which also published a video from the studio. They hide the reasons When asked by … Read more

Lumír z Ulice married: He was 23 years late with his wedding!

Now, God forbid, it’s out. “I’m a bridegroom! Introducing my lady Svobodovou, “The actor boasted on the social network that the ceremony took place on Saturday. He has not yet revealed more details, but attached wedding photos, from which it is clear that their bride and groom enjoyed their big day. Love literally bursts of … Read more

SERIES NEW: M * A * S * H ​​in Czech with stellar cast

He wanted to try to live modestly, so in 2018 he took off the coat of Dr. David Hofbauer from the Blue Code. “I didn’t have time for anything else, I learned a quantum of text every week and over time the character of David began to bend under the weight of the scripts, I … Read more