Watch: “Balcony Girl” makes a fuss with the last thing she said about her father

The Egyptian girl Mai, known as the “Balcony Girl”, who appeared in a video hanging from the balcony of her house, revealed that her father did not try to throw her, but rather she upset her balance. The girl explained in a video clip that her father, after returning from work, found the apartment untidy, … Read more

After 13 years, an Egyptian writer officially apologizes to Donia Samir Ghanem

The Egyptian writer and scriptwriter Omar Taher made an official apology for the position he had collected with the artist Donia Samir Ghanem 13 years ago. And he wrote in a post on his account on the social networking site (Facebook): “In 2009, on the night of the special screening of the movie (Tirk You), … Read more

Why did hybrid cars fail unexpectedly?

Since last year, electric cars have increased significantly and significantly in sales, according to Cars website figures, which raises questions about the reason for the failure of hybrid cars. In 2010, hybrid cars were seen as the technology that would change the world, but electric cars quickly outperformed and captured the lion’s share of the … Read more

Watch: A retired artist collapses live after showing her bold scenes

Views of an old scene by Mayar El Beblawi from the movie “Disco Disco” increased, after she cried on the air and demanded that it be deleted at any cost. Yesterday, the search engine “Google” recorded a major attack from users to search for the scene of the retired artist, Mayar Al-Beblawy, for which she … Read more

Ramadan sweets in Lebanon that cost half the employee’s salary… What are they?

Lebanese activists began circulating pictures of some types of Ramadan sweets, which are sold at ridiculous prices, as the price of a kilo of “baklava” reached 400,000 Lebanese pounds, and sometimes up to half a million pounds (half an employee’s salary), a few hours before the start of the month of Ramadan. This comes as … Read more

Witness: Rania Youssef’s ex-wife reveals the reason for his separation from the latter

Producer Mohamed Mokhtar, who is divorced from the artist Rania Youssef, revealed his relationship with the latter even after the separation, during his guest appearance on the “Bilkhat Al-Arid” program presented by the media, Iman Abu Talib. Mokhtar said: “I am now in a good relationship with Rania, and I have never abandoned my daughters, … Read more

Watch: Enas Al Degheidy makes a fuss with her latest statement about men

Egyptian director Enas El Degheidy sparked controversy, after she revealed her desire to direct a movie called “One Man Is Not Enough”. Inas Al Degheidy asked a question during her dialogue with the artist, Yousra, on the “Kalam fi Hob” program broadcast on MBC 1 channel, “You think of one man, but it is enough, … Read more

How do you know the speed of your Internet connection through the home page (Google)?

Many people who use the Internet suffer from slow speed, so they search for the easiest way to check the speed of the Internet connection, as the Internet Speed ​​Test shows you the download and upload speed that your device is getting at that moment. The test also helps you measure latency, and while there … Read more

Watch: The explosion of a star 500 million light years from Earth raises controversy

Astronomers were able to monitor the explosion of a star 500 million light years from Earth, in a supernova, marking the end of its life cycle. The explosion of a type II supernova occurs when a very large star is unable to fuse atoms within its nucleus, which leads to its explosion and the disposal … Read more

The Media Syndicate opens an investigation with Sharif Amer and the preacher Mabrouk Attia

Yesterday, Thursday, the Egyptian Media Syndicate demanded the presence and summons of the journalist, Sherif Amer, for violating the media code of honor and the code of professional conduct. In a statement issued by the union, the union indicated that Amer continued “to commit professional violations, either in agreement with his guests or allowing them … Read more