Karl Erik Harr exhibits thirty pictures and hopes the ancestors by the coast are remembered in the history books – NRK Trøndelag

– I have had this as a secret to myself. But now people can come and see what I have dreamed, what I have thought about and what I have done to show the life of the heroic people, says artist Karl Erik Harr. Those he calls a heroic people are the ancestors of many … Read more

Researchers Discover Crocodile Species That Likely Preyed On Human Ancestors

Millions of years ago, giant dwarf crocodiles roamed parts of Africa with a liking to our human ancestors. In a new study, researchers led by the University of Iowa have announced the discovery of two new species of crocodiles that roamed East Africa between 18 and 15 million years ago before mysteriously disappearing . The … Read more

The Efficacy of Turmeric To Relieve Menstrual Pain, Not Just An Legacy Of Ancestors

BLORA MEDIA – For the people of Indonesia turmeric has been known as a spice in the kitchen. However, it turned out benefit turmeric not only for delicious cuisine but also good for health. Benefit turmeric for health of which can prevent cancer, reduce the risk of heart disease and help soothe nyeri menstruation for … Read more

Astrophysicists have developed a “time machine” simulation to observe the life cycle of galactic cities’ ancestors

Scientists are designing a “time machine” simulation that examines the life cycle of the ancestors of galactic cities. Many processes in astrophysics take a very long time, making it difficult to study their evolution. For example, a star like our sun is about 10 billion years old and galaxies evolve over billions of years. One … Read more

Astronomers Find Objects in Space Allegedly Ancestors ‘Black Hole’

INDOZONE.ID – For astronomer discovered a dusty red object 13 billion light years from Earth. Astronomers suspect the object is the ancestor of black hole or supermassive black holes. Reported Live Sciencein a new study published in the journal Nature on April 13, 2022, researchers revealed that the ancient object exhibits characteristics that lie between … Read more

“Human ancestors were Heidelberg… 2 million years of climate analysis and identification”

The results of tracking by supercomputer climate analysis are consistent with fossil analysis estimates. IBS Climate Physics Research Center ‘Identification of the relationship between climate change and human evolution’ published in Nature Survival period and habitat by hominin species (Seoul = Yonhap News) Homo sapiens (purple shade on the left), Homo heidelbergensis (red shade in … Read more

Getting to Know the Ancestors of Sharks Who Lived Hundreds of Millions of Years Ago All

KOMPAS.com – In the fossil record, sharks have existed for hundreds of millions of years. Sharks belong to a group of creatures known as cartilaginous fish because most of their skeleton is made of cartilage. The only part of a shark’s skeleton that is not made of soft, flexible tissue are their sharp teeth. The … Read more

3 signs of the zodiac, which traditionally most affects the karmic burden of the ancestors

What our ancestors faced has affected us for twelve generations. Whether it’s unfulfilled desires, violent deaths in ancient wars, or even a difficult world, all of this can make us fail in this life as we would like. Take a look at the zodiac signs that carry the greatest karmic burden ever. Are you among … Read more

This gene from our Neanderthal ancestors may protect against HIV but increase the risk of COVID-19

This article is automatically translated from the original language to your language. Do not hesitate to let us know if it contains translation errors so that we can correct them as soon as possible. Although Neanderthals are no longer with us, their genes are still present in many of us and may influence our risk … Read more