Magdalena Andersson was quickly gone as Swedish Prime Minister, but also back soon

In Sweden, Magdalena Andersson has been elected prime minister by parliament for the second time in a week. That also happened last Wednesday, but then she resigned herself a few hours after her appointment. The reason for her lightning-quick departure was the resignation of an environmental party from her coalition. That party no longer wanted … Read more

Andersson elected Prime Minister of Sweden for the second time in a week

Magdalena Andersson, despite more votes against than for her appointment, nevertheless succeeded Stefan Löfven as Prime Minister of Sweden.Image EPA “Like all minority governments, we will seek cooperation with other parties in parliament, and I see good opportunities to do that,” Andersson said Monday. On Tuesday, when her cabinet is appointed, she will present her … Read more

Sweden, Magdalena Andersson elected first female premier: she resigns after a few hours

A few hours after being elected to Parliament to lead the new Swedish government, Magdalena Andersson she resigned from her post as prime minister after losing the support of the gave. It is unclear whether Andersson – who was due to take over as government on Friday after meeting with re Carlo XVI Gustavo – … Read more

Sweden’s first female premier lasts just 7 hours

Magdalena Andersson in a few hours he broke two records. This morning she became the first woman to head the Swedish government, but resigned in the afternoon. A choice that has transformed his experience as prime minister into the shortest government in the history of the Scandinavian country, perhaps even that of the whole world. … Read more

Magdalena Andersson nominated for prime minister again

The case is being updated The proposal will be presented later on Thursday, so that the vote can take place on Monday. Norlén deeply regretted what happened on Wednesday, when the Green Party left the new government and Andersson had to resign as prime minister almost immediately. – I think the development appears incomprehensible and … Read more

Andersson hopes for a quick comeback in Sweden

Magdalena Andersson resigned as Swedish prime minister on Wednesday, just hours after the Riksdag had appointed her. Photo: Pontus Lundahl / TT / NTB The Center Party’s party leader Annie Lööf refused to vote in favor of the new government’s proposal for the state budget, which resulted in Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson resigning just hours … Read more

The Left Party wants to avoid Magdalena Andersson as the new Prime Minister

Then the Riksdag will vote for or against a minority government led by the Social Democrats. The Left Party threatened no later than Monday to vote against Andersson, who thus would not have enough support to be approved. But after almost two weeks of fruitless negotiations to get the Left Party to accept her as … Read more

Spotify’s CEO wanted to stop taxes – was invited by Andersson

A printout from Dagens Nyheter, 2021-11-15 07:28 Article origin address: Updated 2021-11-13 Published 2021-11-13 Spotify vd Daniel Ek. Foto: Henrik Montgomery/TT Minister of Finance Magdalena Andersson (S) invited Spotify’s CEO Daniel Ek to a personal meeting in 2018. The invitation came after Daniel Ek appealed to the Prime Minister to stop a new EU … Read more

Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven has resigned: current Finance Minister Magdalena Andersson should replace him

On Wednesday the Prime Minister of Sweden, Social Democrat Stefan Lofven, he resigned from his post: he had it announced last August, after several turbulent months for his government. In his place, the current Minister of Finance, Magdalena Andersson, who replaced Lofven as leader of the Social Democrats last week, is expected to be appointed … Read more

Who is Magdalena Andersson, the next premier of Sweden: she will be the first woman to lead the country

After being elected at the party congress in Gothenburg, the Swedish finance minister Magdalena Andersson she is the new leader of the Social Democratic Party. A fundamental step for the election to the office of premier after the resignation of Stefan Lövfen. A historic moment for Sweden, which until now had never had a woman … Read more