Doping? No, we are clean! Tour stars angered by doping questions

He won the Saturday time trial ahead of the Dane Vingegaard, who virtually secured the overall lead in the race. “Just because we’re performing at such a high level, we have to defend ourselves. I don’t understand it,” added Van Aert, who took three of his team’s six stage wins and also took the points … Read more

Fabián Cubero supported Nicole Neumann in her war with Mica Viciconte but angered Rodrigo Lussich

at the beginning of the week, Nicole Neumann filmed his daughter Sienna walking through a dangerous place in the snow and the clip unleashed the fury of Mica Viciconte, who focused on the danger that this posed to the minor. After a heated round trip in networks, in intruders they spoke with Fabián Cubero and … Read more

“This is a direct and unequivocal threat.” Medvedev was angered by the news that Ukraine could attack targets in Crimea

Dmitry Medvedev. Foto Itar-Tass/Scanpix/LETA The refusal of Ukrainian and NATO forces to recognize Crimea as Russian territory is a “systemic threat” to Russia, former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said on Sunday, threatening Ukraine with consequences if it attacks targets in Crimea. Most read VIDEO. Clothing store owner and influencer Elina Didrichson reveals how much she … Read more

Tariq Al-Arian angered Asala Nasri with his young virgin wife.. You will not believe who she is and what they did in front of everyone!!

A video clip was widely spread on social media, in which director Tariq Al-Arian and model Nicole Saafan appeared together in a new video at a wedding ceremony hosted by the artist Ragheb Alama in Turkey. In the circulating clip, the young girl, Nicole Saafan, appeared embracing Tariq Al-Arian and dancing together and in perfect … Read more

Enhanced versions of Resident Evil 2, 3 and 7 on PC have angered fans, forcing Capcom to act

The requirements to play them have increased and the improvements have caused incompatibility with many mods. In the Capcom Showcase held a few days ago, the arrival of improved versions to various games saga Resident Evil both new generation consoles and PC. In this way, Resident Evil 2, Resident Evil 3 y Resident Evil 7 … Read more

Don Spike, angered by Gangnam, who agreed to take care of the wedding ceremony but didn’t see it as “garbage”

YouTube ‘Nami Kang Nami’ [인사이트] Reporter Kwon Gil-yeo = The new groom, Don Spike, was angry with his close friend, Gangnam. On the 13th, on the YouTube channel of Gangnam, a video was uploaded with the title, ‘Ganghwamo: Gathering of Friends Angry at Gangnam’. Before Don Spike appeared, Gangnam said, “Actually, I decided to attend … Read more

Kroos ended the conversation prematurely, angered by the question of Liverpool’s dominance

“You had 90 minutes to come up with a meaningful question. And in the end, you will ask me such a heartbreaker,” replied an angry Kroos, who enjoyed his fifth triumph in the millionaire competition. He won four times with Real and once with Bayern Munich. The 32-year-old midfielder left the reporter after a brief … Read more

TEN People XX is a prosperous year… Kim Shin-young’s same-sex devotees → Harisu’s obscene rumors were angered by malicious rumors

Shinyoung Kim and Jiho of Oh My Girl are dating rumors Harisu makes noise in Daegu with obscene and slanderous songs Strong denial of “nonsense”, “go crazy” Kim Shin-young, Harisu./Photo=Ten Asia DB Comedian Kim Shin-young and singer Harisu have been caught up in outrageous malicious rumors. Kim Shin-young publicly denied the rumors of a homosexual … Read more

God, so much? The man called the police to the cafe, and the price of espresso angered him

The man complained that the price of the drink was not on the menu behind the counter. It was this mistake that put the bar, which is famous for its coffee preparation and won several competitions, in trouble. The famous Florentine café was fined a thousand euros (almost 25 thousand crowns) for this offense. Francesco … Read more

Putin’s footsteps that “angered at seeing Angelina Jolie” crossed back for Ukrainian propaganda

“I don’t sincerely understand why Angelina Jolie or Sean Penn didn’t come to DLR or LLR? Why haven’t any Western artist worried about people dying all these years? “Why are they working so hard to turn Russia into a world evil by consistently proving that everyone behind Russia is antihuman and just monsters?” Such words … Read more