What causes the leg pain? – the sports doctor answers Anna, 49

Do you always have pain somewhere? Do things happen to your body during exercise that you don’t understand – abnormal fatigue, lactic acid, irregular heartbeat? Do you want to know how you should train so that your body lasts over time? Sports doctor Per “Pliggen” Andersson – previously associated with the national ski team – … Read more

mourning watermelon stepmother Died peacefully from cancer, Anna reveals “Mo loves like a mother”

Anna informsnewsSadly, watermelon stepmother Nida has passed away peacefully from cancer. Hope the three of them met in heaven. Today (August 14) Anna, a close friend of Melon Nida or Watermelon Pattida, has issued a Facebook post informingnewsSad that P’ Kik, the melon’s mother, Pattida, who has been raising watermelons for many years passed away … Read more

Actress Anna Hesch has been pronounced dead, but her heart is still being supported

The 53-year-old Hash was in a coma since August 5 after suffering a severe brain injury in a car accident. With all brain function stopped, the actress is legally dead under California law, but her heart is still on life support while her organs are being evaluated, Byrd told AFP. Hesh is best known for … Read more

Anna Wendzikowska and her daughter went to the hospital! “Let it not be that it is always colorful”

Last days Anna Wendzikowska cannot be classified as the easiest. A TVN star after 15 years of cooperation with the station left “Good Morning TVN”. She assured her that she had made this difficult decision herself. At the same time, the celebrity added that he can do without a monthly salary from television. Looking for … Read more

“Anchili” almost shed tears backstage because of this? Both spitting centipedes at “Anna Suea”

Farewell to the position beautifully for “Anchili Scott-Kemis” Miss Universe Thailand 2021 The legend of Real Size Beauty, the latest in the event The 67th Gem and Jewelry Fair is held, so don’t miss out on asking about the feeling of farewell. Which the owner opened his mind that “1 year ago, performed the duties … Read more

Actress Anna Hesh is in a coma in a critical condition after a serious accident

American actress Anna Hesh suffered a serious accident in Los Angeles on Friday, and currently the actress is in a coma, doctors assess her condition as critical and severe, The Guardian reports. Content will continue after the ad Advertising On Friday, 53-year-old Hesha drove her blue “Mini Cooper” at high speed on the street until … Read more

Anna Stropnická got married secretly. Was dad at the wedding too?

The daughter of Martin Stropnický (65) secretly got married at the weekend. Actress Anna Stropnická (33) married a colleague from the industry and long-time partner Jan Grundman (41). But whether the father also flew from Israel is a question. On Saturday, August 6, according to the newspaper Blesk z osměvavé actress Anna Stropnicka became a … Read more

Anna Karwan: all in white and with a new song

Anna Karwan is well known to viewers and listeners. She performed in choirs with Ania Dąbrowska, Monika Brodka and Andrzej Piaseczny. Then she became known as an independent artist. The program “The Voice of Poland” helped her develop her career on a large scale. Despite the difficult experiences she told about in an interview recentlyseems … Read more

Karolina Naja and Anna Puławska are world champions – canoeing, world championships in Halifax

Naja and Puławska, Olympic vice-champions from Tokyo in the same competition, were ahead of German Paulina Paszek and Jule Hake by 0.40 seconds and Belgian Hermien Peters and Lize Broekx by 2.77 seconds. Source: Getty Images Naja and Puławska in action Seven medals of Poles This is the seventh medal of the Polish representation in … Read more

Anna Czartoryska reveals the backstage of getting to know her millionaire husband: “Apparently we met at dinner, but neither of us REMEMBER it”

Anna Czartoryska, compared to many Polish celebrities, instead of being on the walls, she prefers to spend time with her family. Since she became a mother, she is less likely to be seen on the silver screen, but she does not give up her professional activity. The actress recently gave birth to a fourth child, … Read more