Sample Text for the Chairperson of the 77th RI Anniversary Committee, August 17, Short and Easy to Remember

LENGKONG, COME BANDUNG.COM – – Indonesian Independence Day will be commemorated on August 17 future. This year, Indonesia’s Independence Day falls on Wednesday, August 17 2022. To welcome and commemorate Independence Day August 17there will usually be many activities held. The chairman of the committee of the event will deliver a speech shortsolid, and clear. … Read more

Japan commemorates WWII capitulation without apologies, criticism about temple visit

Reuters NOS News•Monday, 11:01 At the Japanese commemoration of the capitulation in World War II, 77 years ago today, no apologies have been made to the victims of the Japanese aggression during the war. In a sober ceremony, Prime Minister Kishida said Japan “will stick to the decision never to repeat the tragedy of the … Read more

On its 95th anniversary, Radioteatris will delight with a selection of 95 productions / LR1 / / Latvijas Radio 1

On its ninety-fifth anniversary, Radioteatris has prepared ninety-five productions for the audience on the digital platform. Culture rondo in the studio about a selection of productions – a bouquet of directors and actors and what is left as a legacy, a conversation with the producers of the Radio Theater Amber Methuselah and Amber Tilakas well … Read more

The Taliban are declaring a holiday in Afghanistan to mark the first anniversary of their seizure of power

The Islamist group “Taliban” has declared a holiday in Afghanistan on Monday to mark the first anniversary since the Taliban seized power in Kabul during the chaotic withdrawal of US-led NATO forces from the country. “August 15 is the first anniversary since the victory of the Afghan jihad led by the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan … Read more

The cruel fate of Leontýnka from Let the spirits live. Dana Vávrová’s life ended prematurely

Actress Dana Vávrová (†41), sister of Karel Heřmánek’s wife (74), became a star at the age of eleven when she portrayed the character of Leontýnka in the fairy tale Let the spirits live. However, fate did not favor her. Insidious cancer took her life too soon, this year she would have only celebrated her 55th … Read more

“Asked – Hunted” anniversary edition: Ironically, when asked about the Swiss canton: Swiss Luca Hänni totally failed

Alexander Bommes and his team can look back on a ten-year history. In 2012, the format “Asked – Hunted” started with six episodes on NDR before it was promoted to the first in 2015. Some say the show’s host took the genre to a new level. The master plan to celebrate the anniversary with a … Read more

Beautify your profile photo with Twibbon of the 77th Anniversary of the Independence of the Republic of Indonesia, here’s the link

tvOnenews – Three days before the celebration of the 77th Anniversary of the Independence of the Republic of Indonesia on August 17, 2022. All levels of Indonesian society have certainly prepared various things and activities to welcome it As is known, every year on August 17, the people of Indonesia celebrate the Independence Day of … Read more

I’Park Mall, ‘Star Kirby 30th Anniversary Pop-up Store’ Popularity

Inside view of I’Park Mall’s ‘Star Kirby 30th Anniversary Pop-up Store’ ⓒ I’Park Mall HDC I’Park Mall, a distribution company within the HDC group affiliates, announced on the 11th that the cumulative number of visitors to the pop-up store for the 30th anniversary of ‘Kirby of the Stars’, which is being held at Yongsan I’Park … Read more

Square Enix is ​​rumored to cancel the original planned release of the 25th anniversary of the “Tomb Raider” work

Related news allegationsSquare Enix seems to have cancelled the 25th anniversary work of “Tomb Raider” originally planned, but recently announced by Crystal Dynamics that it will be developed with the Unreal Engine 5 game enginebrand newthe production will continue. Square Enix is ​​rumored to cancel the original planned release of the 25th anniversary of the … Read more

List of Promos for Independence of the 77th Anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia, from Train Tickets to Safari Park Entrance Tickets

TRIBUNTRAVEL.COM – The commemoration of Indonesian Independence was marked by a number of interesting promos. This special promo for the 77th Anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia starts from tourist attractions to trains. Also read: Train Ticket Promo from Jakarta Starting from IDR 17 thousand, Check Terms and KA List Also read: Promo Packages for … Read more