Good guys follow me !; fans remember “Chespirito” on his death anniversary

The sane Roberto Gómez Bolaños “Chespirito” is more alive than ever, despite the fact that six years have passed since he left this world. This November 28th marks one more sad anniversary since Roberto Gómez Bolaños “Chespirito” died in Cancun, Mexico. One of his most loved and remembered shows is “Chavo del 8”, but the … Read more

Pokemon will celebrate its 25th anniversary in 2021, and they have already advanced news

Nintendo has had one of the rarest years in its entire long history in 2020. Although they barely released video games, one of the few that did come out, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, broke all kinds of records. And despite not releasing any new console, its Switch sold in many cases more than PS5 and … Read more

97th Republican Anniversary of the Millennial Turkey

“Panama constitutes a very important point in the opening of Turkey towards Latin America. In the context of this opening, diplomatic representations in the region increased from 6 to 17 […]” Panama and Turkey are two friendly countries that share the great privilege of owning two important maritime channels that serve humanity day and night. … Read more

Microsoft celebrates its 25th anniversary in Guatemala |

Microsoft is committed to helping every person and organization face and overcome this crisis through the use of technology. Also focus its efforts on making economic recovery and growth inclusive. “We are sure that technology and a culture of innovation like the Guatemalan one will help companies reimagine the future. Digitizing your processes, optimizing your … Read more

“Happy anniversary…!”, Anna Faris’s nostalgia for a movie on Christmas Eve

UNITED STATES.- The actress Anna Faris celebrated the 15th anniversary of the premiere of the movie ‘Just friends’, a Christmas comedy in which he shared credits with Ryan Reynolds Y Amy Smart, in which a successful music producer returns to his hometown and is reunited with a girl who broke his heart, who remembered him … Read more

The scars left by the crisis in the universities of the United States and the United Kingdom

A 15% drop in enrollment in the world’s leading economy would mean a loss of revenue of US $ 23 billion, while British institutions would receive about 14 thousand fewer new students in 2020-2021, equivalent to 463 million euros. pounds less in fees and expenses for housing and food. By: Isabel Ramos and Montserrat Toledo … Read more

Coca-Cola celebrates the magic of Christmas and a 100-year anniversary

In the Christmas campaign that starts today, Coca-Cola focuses on the magic of the big festival. The focus of communication is a spot by Oscar winner Taika Waititi. In addition, this year Coca-Cola is celebrating 100 years of Christmas advertising. The Christmas campaign 2020 follows the tenor “Open like never before” and shows that it … Read more

Palmira reopened its cinema theater on its anniversary

Laura uanos, Director of Culture of the commune, said that “with this event we are launching the new season and We ask the neighbors to participate, to attend the events but to be supportive and responsible, that they get their tickets in advance, that they comply with the protocols and that we take care of … Read more