A famous British announcer rips Harry’s book and eats its pages!

Days have passed, and the angry echoes that accompanied the publication and distribution of Prince Harry’s book “Spare” are still expanding and spreading. The scandalous notes caused a stir around the world. The book was widely spread and many libraries were crowded to buy the book. Despite the huge sales, the book caused a great … Read more

P¦ in Zakopane. The announcer made a tasteless joke about the jumper. “¯enada”

Sunday’s competition in Zakopane has ended the victory of Halvor Egner Granerud, who overtook Dawid Kubacki by just over a point. One of the best jumping in the first series he gave Fatih Arda Ipcioglu. The Turk, however, spoiled the second attempt and finished in 25th place. The DJ’s comment towards the jumper aroused controversy. … Read more

[전문] MBN’s ‘Mr. Trot 2’ Kim Yong-pil, not our announcer

[마이데일리 = 이승길 기자] MBN, a general programming channel, announced its position on announcer Kim Yong-pil, who is appearing on TV Chosun’s ‘Mr. Trot 2’. On the 12th, MBN announced, “We make it clear that Kim Yong-pil, who is currently appearing on the third-party trot audition program ‘Mr. Trot 2’, is not an MBN announcer.” … Read more

Erina Arai is “Wakitsun”, Yui Suzuki announcer is Masaki Okada and Odakyu Line, and Sayoki Ojima is USJ adultery female announcer’s “enthusiasm situation” | Smart FLASH/Sumafura[光文社週刊誌]

Erina Arai enjoys shopping very soonChristmas. During this period, the topic of “how to spend time with lovers” becomes a hot topic. In 2022, this magazine will continue to support many celebrities.lovehas been reported. This time, let’s introduce the enthusiastic scene of “female announcers” who deliver energy to viewers. May.This magazine is in the Odakyu … Read more

Longtime St. Louis Cardinals TV announcer Dan McLaughlin charged with felony persistent DWI

Longtime St. Louis Cardinals TV announcer Dan McLaughlin was arrested in a St. Louis suburb on Sunday and later charged with being a persistent offender of driving while intoxicated. Police in Creve Coeur, Missouri say they received two calls of a suspicious vehicle believed to be driven by an impaired driver Sunday evening. An officer … Read more

Announcer Lee Dong-geun, 42-year-old late mother-in-law… Married to a girl group member [전문]

[스포츠조선닷컴 이게은기자] KBSN sports announcer Lee Dong-geun and Kim Joo-ha, former member of the girl group Queen Biz, will be celebrating a hundred years in January. On the 2nd, Lee Dong-geun said, “The job of sportscaster is a blessing and pride to me. A friend appeared who loved my job, face, voice, height, broad shoulders, … Read more

TRT announcer statement from Hakan Şükür. FETO fugitive Hakan Şükür sent a message like the treacherous Fuat Avni

Explaining the match played between Canada and Morocco in the World Cup last night, announcer Alper Bakırcıgil said that after Morocco’s goal in the 4th minute, the earliest goal in the world cups belonged to Fetö fugitive Hakan Şükür. Bakırcıgil was taken off the air at halftime due to this reminder. Cüneyt Kıran explained the … Read more

An announcer shows the fans pictures of artists and asks them which club they play in..and the answers are a surprise! • Observatory Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: A broadcaster conducted a funny test for the fans of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. The broadcaster showed pictures of Saudi and Egyptian artists, and the pictures of the artists included Muhammad Abdo, Rashid Al-Majid, and Majed Al-Mohandes, as well as Adel Imam and Muhammad Heneidy. The announcer asked the fans about … Read more

Announcer interrupts narration and loses the line with Croatian fans

During Croatia vs Canada match, the official broadcast focused on two female fans climbing the steps of the stands at the Khalifa International Stadium. However, attention was drawn to the way in which a narrator reacted to the image. The commentator stopped talking about the game to make comments with a libidinous tone at the … Read more

Watch a picture of the MBC announcer with Khaled Youssef, with a strong and very beautiful look

The YouTube platform published, during the past hours, a leaked video of the announcer, while she was performing a dance link during a summer vacation in one of the famous areas and beaches in the city of Sharm El-Sheikh, and someone took advantage of this opportunity and filmed this broadcaster for more than an hour, … Read more