Annuls EC decision to recover unpaid taxes from Apple in Ireland / Article /

Apple, a technology company in the United States, will not have to repay € 13 billion to offset the company’s unpaid taxes in Ireland. It has been decided by the General Court of the European Union. In 2016, the European Commission (EC) launched proceedings against Apple, claiming that the company’s advantage in Ireland was in … Read more

The court annuls the EC’s decision to recover billions / days unpaid from Apple in Ireland

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Apple, EU Tribunal annuls the EU Antitrust billionaire fine

The EU Court has annulled the European Commission’s decision on the fiscal ruling granted by Ireland to Apple, giving reason to the technological giant. The General Court annulled the decision in question because the Commission failed to prove legally adequately the existence of an anti-competitive advantage within the meaning of Article 107. For the Commission, … Read more