The government’s war on Twitter

(ANSA) – ISTANBUL, 19 GEN – The government of Turkey punishes Twitter, because, as of today, the American social network will no longer be able to receive advertising revenue in the country for not agreeing to comply with local legislation on the the Web Such regulation is considered by the opposition and NGOs as a … Read more

Another 45,533 cases and 1,243 deaths in GB

(ANSA) – LONDON, 12 GEN – The number of new infections and deaths from Covid in the United Kingdom remains alarming, favored by the greater transmissibility of the so-called English variant of the virus and boosted today also by the statistical recovery of the data collected partly at the end of the weekend According to … Read more

A historic snowfall is cruel to Madrid

By Mónica Uriel (ANSA) – MADRID, 09 GEN – The Spanish capital was blocked due to a historical snowfall, with thicknesses of up to 60 centimeters, caused by the most intense storm in the last 50 years that hit the country and caused the less four victims It was the biggest snowfall in Madrid since … Read more

Finding ourselves again, despite the pandemic

(ANSA) – SANTIAGO DEL CHILE, DEC 27 – The actors have not stopped, with closed rooms the creation has continued and in an unparalleled effort, where the digital and the face-to-face will intersect, the 28th edition of the Santiago International Theater Festival at One thousand 2021 will once again refresh Chile’s hot summer Under the … Read more

Painful falls of Tottenham and Leeds

(ANSA) – LONDON, DEC 20 – Tottenham lost 2-0 at home to Leicester and Manchester United beat Lees United 6-2 for the fourteenth round of the Premier League Jamie Vardy (45 + 4 ‘, penalty) and Belgian Toby Alderweireld (59’, against) sealed the victory of Leicester against the “Spurs” of Portuguese DT José Mourinho Leicester … Read more

Little done five years after the Paris Agreement

(ANSA) – ROME 12 DEC – The Paris Agreement on climate turns 5 years old today, but it is a bitter birthday since the commitments made by the UN countries on December 12, 2015 were insufficient to achieve the objective of the covenant The search was to keep global warming within 2 degrees of pre-industrial … Read more

Brexit: Feverish negotiations and uncertainty

(ANSA) – BRUSSELS, 12 DEC – “Dear friends of the UK, the world is full of enemies of the European way of life, our freedoms and our values; we should fight these enemies together instead of fighting each other,” he said today German MEP Manfred Weber “There is time for an agreement, we are going … Read more

UK: Johnson and Von der Leyen to take control of Brexit

(ANSA) – LONDON, 07 DEC – The President of the European Union, Ursula von der Leyen, and the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, decided to personally take control of the Brexit negotiations Both will meet in person “in the next few days” in Brussels to discuss unresolved differences in the field of talks between the … Read more

Premier League: Liverpool and Tottenham still at the top

(ANSA) – LONDON DEC 6 – Liverpool, defending champions, and Tottenham remain at the top of the Premier League after their respective 4-0 and 2-0 triumphs over Wolverhampton and Arsenal on the 11th date of the tournament The Egyptian Mohamed Salah (24 ‘), the Dutch Gerginio Wijnaldum (58’), the Cameroonian Joel Matip (67 ‘) and … Read more

Maradona: Lawyer rejects reports on the house where he died

(ANSA) – BUENOS AIRES, DEC 02 – Matías Morla, Diego Maradona’s lawyer, rejected reports that the former Argentine star died in a house that lacked the minimum conditions to house a patient recovering from an operation “The house was not small. It had a view of a lake and on the upper floor there were … Read more