Britney Spears changes security because of the antics of the former

The ex-husband of Britney Spears broke into her wedding with a knife. Jason Alexander, with whom Britney Spears was married for just over two days, broke into the house where her wedding took place, with a knife and a camera, trying to find the singer. After an incident that thankfully didn’t cause any casualties, the … Read more

Here is Prince George’s reaction when he sees his brother Prince Louis’ antics during the Jubilee (video)

During the jubilee of Elizabeth II, the mimicry of her great-grandson Louis, the youngest of the children of prince William, melted the public. The 4-year-old looked bored during the Sunday show. George, 8, was seen laughing and covering his eyes with his hands as Louis raised his arms in the sky and made two peace … Read more

Marianna Dufek reveals how the antics of Kamil Durczok had an impact on their son: “Through all these scandals WALKED THE YEAR in college”

In 2017 ended ongoing 22 years marriage Marianna Dufek i Kamil Durczok. After divorce Marianna consistently avoided media attention, avoiding giving any interviews. Only now unknown facts have come to light. In a recently published post on Facebook, Dufek admitted five years since the divorce she was bound by a silence clausewhich was one of … Read more

The famous Lakers are unprofessional: once they lead, they make all kinds of antics

Original title: The famous Lakers criticize the Lakers as unprofessional: once they lead, they make all kinds of antics Beijing time on November 28th, the last game against the Sacramento Kings, the Lakers finally lost to their opponents after three overtime. Obviously, this is a bitter defeat for the Frank Vogel team. NBA stars Robert … Read more

famous musician shocked by Leps’s antics

Grigory Leps received an unexpected blow in the back from a colleague in the shop. While fans are almost carrying their favorite performer in their arms, Stas Namin is sure that the audience’s jubilation is premature. The musician said that Leps’s star fever became a stumbling block, because of which he was forced to stay … Read more

Hassan Fayek’s antics on stage.. the decor fell and serious plays turned comedic

The stars are exposed to many emergency and difficult situations, especially as they face the audience on stage. Comedy stars are often exposed to many situations that were not taken into account during the presentation of some plays, and sometimes these situations cause the audience to laugh even if the comic star did not deliberately … Read more