This is the True Antidote to COVID-19 – Medical prescription COVID-19‘ for self-isolation (isoman) is now viral on social media. Starting from antiviral drugs that are generally used by flu patients, to antiparasitic drugs which are actually hard drugs with various risks of side effects. Pulmonary specialist, Dr. Heidy Agustin, SpP(K) explained, what patients really need to recover from COVID-19 is … Read more

Corona antidote: Innoplexus wants to use big data against viruses

WORLD: Mr. Bhardwaj, your company Innoplexus has the world’s largest data platform in pharmaceutical research. With artificial intelligence, your computer algorithms search, among other things, for active ingredients to treat many diseases. Did you get the inspiration for your company from a very sad occasion? Gunjan Bhardwaj: Yes that’s right. My greatest inspiration was the … Read more

The World Is Confused to Accelerate the Discovery of a Corona Virus Antidote, WHO Precisely Warns Rich Countries – All Pages WHO emphasizes that there will not be a return to normal life for long, like before the pandemic. GridHype.ID – The infection rate corona virus globally it has reached 19 million. This certainly encourages world countries to immediately accelerate the discovery of bidders corona virus. However, in recent times the World Health Organization ( … Read more