Professional Cricketers’ Association to introduce anti-racism education programme in March | Cricket News

Survey sent out to players on behalf of the PCA’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Working Group was returned by 173 players, 23 of whom said they had experienced racism in the professional game; new programme of player education will begin across professional cricket in March 2021 Last Updated: 27/01/21 4:03pm The ECB aims to … Read more

Unique Anti-Racism Protest in Washington: ‘I Had to Be Here’ | Abroad

Washington – Exactly 57 years after Martin Luther King’s famous ‘I have a dream’ speech, the Lincoln Memorial was packed again. Thousands of people gathered for the March on Washington 2020. A big protest against police brutality. They came from all over the country, sometimes after car journeys of 10 hours or more. “This is … Read more

‘The Moms Wall’: The Tactic of a Women’s Group to Protect Protesters During Anti-Racism Protests | Univision Politica News

In Portland, where the protests are over 50 days old and federal forces are violently confronting protesters, a group of women are organizing in a strategy to contain the repression: “the wall of moms.” See here why Trump is sending federal agents to Portland and Chicago if local authorities oppose