Recession fears loomed over the financial market, WTI crude oil fell below $80 to close at the lowest point since January | Anue Juheng

Crude oil futures prices fell sharply on Friday (23rd),WTI CrudeFutures dipped below $80 a barrel, their lowest close since January, as recession fears gripped financial markets, sending stocks and bonds tumbling, while further boosting the dollar. energy commodity prices Delivered in November WTI CrudeFutures fell $4.75, or 5.7%, to settle at $78.74 a barrel, the … Read more

U.S. lawmakers urged to blacklist Changjiang Storage, two Taiwanese factories may be dragged down | Anue Juheng-Taiwan Stock News

Several heavyweight congressmen in the United States urged the White House to include the Yangtze River Storage on the entity list, including Taiwanese factories including Phison (8299-TW), Hye Young (SIMO-US) has business dealings with them. If Yangtze River Storage is blacklisted, the legal person pointed out that the shipments and operations of the two Taiwanese … Read more

(New York) DXY lifts the Swedish krona before the Fed decision | Anue Juheng

As investors brace for a sharp rate hike from the Federal Reserve,US dollar indexIt rose to a near 20-year high on Tuesday (20th). After the Riksbank took the lead in announcing a 4-yard rate hike, the Swedish krona soared against the dollar in a short-term but was unable to move up, and then fell all … Read more

Goldman Sachs revised down U.S. GDP growth forecast next year, warning U.S. stocks could plummet 27% | Anue Juheng-International Political Economy

Goldman Sachs revised down its forecast for U.S. gross domestic product (GDP) growth next year from 1.5% to 1.1%, because the Federal Reserve (Fed) may continue to tighten monetary policy before the end of the year, and Goldman Sachs warned that U.S. stocks could plummet 27%. Goldman Sachs economists such as Jan Hatzius said in … Read more

Bad news frequently spreads that Meta plummeted 14% this week, approaching the lowest point since the epidemic | Anue Juheng

Since the outbreak of the new crown, Facebook parent company Meta (META-US) has never been as cheap as it is now. After plunging 14% this week to $146.29 a share, Meta shares are at their lowest since March 2020, and even traded lower on Friday (16th). Meta’s 61% drop over the past 12 months is … Read more

FedEx plunged more than 21%, the three major indexes fell more than 4% for the week | Anue Juheng – US stocks

U.S. stocks opened lower on Friday (16th) with the arrival of the Fourth Witch Day in U.S. stocks and the issuance of a performance warning by logistics giant FedEx, led by economic-sensitive industrial stocks and energy stocks.Dow JonesAt one point, it fell more than 400 points during the session. Although there were bargain-hunting buying in … Read more

(New York City) The Bank of Japan exchange rate inspection leads to speculation that the yen will bounce 1%, and the dollar index falls | Anue Juheng

The news of the Bank of Japan’s exchange rate check (rate check) is considered to be ready to stop the devaluationJapanese Yenprelude toJPYAgainst the dollar on Wednesday (14th) rose 1%,US dollar indexfell slightly. ICE, which tracks the dollar against six major currencies, is late in New York US dollar index (DXY) edged down 0.15 percent … Read more

The Taiwan dollar 31 mark is close at hand, and the export accounts for a high proportion of 5 major industries. Anue Juheng-Taiwan Stock News

Taiwan dollarThis week, the devaluation was more than 3 horns, and the “31-character” mark is close at hand,Taiwan dollarIt is easy to depreciate and difficult to rise, and the continuous withdrawal of funds is not conducive to the performance of Taiwan stocks. Therefore, when the difficulty of stock selection increases,New Taiwan DollarDevaluation stocks have attracted … Read more

Nintendo’s “Sprague 3” sold in Japan exceeded 3.45 million units in 3 days | Anue Juheng – Eurasian Shares

Japanese video game maker Nintendo (7974-JP) announced on Monday (12th) that the popular Switch platform game “Splatoon 3” (Splatoon 3) was officially launched last Friday (9th). During the 3-day period, the cumulative sales volume in the Japanese domestic market has exceeded 3.45 million sets, setting a new record for the company’s Switch platform game sales … Read more

The multi-trend of electric vehicles has established the trend of these three industrial chains to be expected | Anue Juheng-Taiwan Stock News

The online pre-sale of the first MIT electric car developed by Hon Hai and Honghua Advanced, a subsidiary of Yulon, led to the online pre-sale of the NASCAR n7 (prototype Model C). The total sales volume of electric vehicles in Taiwan is still large. Due to the more than expected orders, Yulon is worried that … Read more