Tesla stops accepting Bitcoin payments for environmental reasons – Apollo.lv – Auto – Apollo.lv – iTech

The company is concerned about the rapid growth in the use of fossil fuels, especially coal, for Bitcoin digging and transactions, Masks said on Twitter. “Cryptocurrency is a good idea on many levels, and we believe it has a promising future, but it can’t happen if it costs the environment dearly,” Masks wrote. In March, … Read more

Aleksandras Kurusova adored herself with a thorough tattoo on her face – Celebrities – Apollo.lv – Entertainment

As you know, Kurusova spent a long time in Singapore, where she lived and worked as a teacher at a local dance school. It was in Singapore that Kurusova received an unexpected gift – her portrait and name, which is now tattooed on the student’s hand for life, which, as it turns out, was also … Read more

King helps the team win the first playoff match with a goal – Ice Hockey – Apollo.lv – Sports

Lausanne’s hockey players defeated the King’s previously represented Zurich “Lions” 3: 2 (1: 1, 1: 1, 0: 0, 1: 0) in the first match of the quarterfinals, reaching 1-0 in a series of four victories. The king scored the goal in the 32nd minute, when in front of the opponents’ goal he cheated the Zurich … Read more

Piers Morgan, the harshest critic of Megan Mark, reveals that he has received letters of thanks from the royal family – Celebrities – Apollo.lv – Entertainment

In an interview with Extra, Pierce Morgan revealed that he had received news from the British royal family because he had been able to stand up to the accusations of Prince Harry and Megan Mark. However, he declined to reveal whether the messages had been sent from senior members of the royal clan. “I have … Read more

The Origin One business center opens offices at TheSoul Publishing and Optibet – Apollo.lv

PHOTO: Publicity photo Optibet / Enlabs Group, as well as the independent digital content studio TheSoul Publishing, are opening their offices in the new Class A office center Origo One from April this year, which plans to create more than 100 new jobs with the opening of the office in Riga. Commercial director of Linstow … Read more

It will be enough to fool yourself that you will start to lose weight the other day! Start today and expect spring in the form of these 3 Latvians – Apollo.lv

PHOTO: Publicity photo Easter is over, you ate too much again, but inside there is a desire to get yourself in shape? All you have to do is overcome your laziness by reading this article. Take the results of our own compatriots Jānis, Baiba and Zaiga as examples! Read on and find out what you … Read more

More than 500 million Facebook users have been leaked. Including several thousand users from Lithuania and Estonia – Technologies – Apollo.lv – iTech

A record posted on Saturday, April 3, shows a total of about 533 million Facebook users leaked from 106 countries. The leak affected 32 million people in the United States, 11 million in the United Kingdom and 87,533 in Estonia. According to Business Insider, data were also leaked to 1.38 million Finns and 220,000 Lithuanians. … Read more

Lera Kudryavtseva delivered to intensive care – Celebrities – Apollo.lv – Entertainment

Kudryavtseva said she was hospitalized immediately from the filming area. “I was really scared. They’re checking on what happened to me right now,” the woman wrote on Instagram in short stories. Doctors attributed the woman’s weakness to nerves and stress, advising Kudryavtseva to rest more. “They examined the heart, did a computed tomography of the … Read more

Warren Buffett’s wealth exceeds $ 100 billion for the first time – Business – Apollo.lv – iTech

Buffet-owned investment firm Berkshire Hathaway hit record highs on Wednesday, raising his fortune to $ 100.3 billion. Thus, this is the first time that Buffett’s wealth has exceeded $ 100 billion, according to Forbes. Berkshire Hathaway is owned by more than 60 companies, including US insurance company Geico and battery maker Duracell. Forbes reports that … Read more

Americans think that Prince Harry is not a representative of the British royal family, but a country singer – Celebrities – Apollo.lv – Entertainment

It turns out that many Americans had no idea that this redheaded man was British Prince Harry. Surprisingly, even the current home of the Dukes of Sussex to the California people had no idea who this young man was. FOTO: Bart Lenoir, Shutterstock. The Mail writes that one poller thought the duke was a family … Read more