Lithuania bans Russian singers Natasha Korolev and Habib Sharipov from entering country – Celebrities – – Entertainment

The Lithuanian Migration Department declared the two singers “persona non grata” on Friday, denying them entry into Lithuania until January 21, 2027. The public broadcaster LRT reported that Laurin Kaschun, the chairman of the National Security and Defense Committee of the Lithuanian Parliament, and representatives of other parliamentary committees had addressed the Ministry of Foreign … Read more

Doctors warned of a dead stroke by ten-year-old Mikhail Zelensky – Celebrities – – Entertainment

Mikhail Zelensky’s sudden death shocked his admirers. The holiday man, as his friends called him, always looked good, loved to dance and joke, did not complain about health problems. But suddenly, quite unexpectedly, he suffered a stroke and was called to eternity. However, despite Zelensky’s age, the TV presenter’s health has long been in jeopardy. … Read more

62-year-old Simon Cowell plans to marry – Celebrities – – Entertainment

Page Six reports that the allegation was made during a trip to Barbados. Kauel allegedly fell on his knees in front of Silverman, Eric’s seven-year-old son, and Silverman’s son from a previous marriage and asked for her hand. As you know, the couple met in 2004 when Silverman was still married to Cowell’s good friend … Read more

In Kurzeme and Vidzeme difficult driving due to snow and icing – – Car – – iTech

Driving conditions are difficult along the Vidzeme highway in the section from Līgatne to Vireši, along the Valmiera highway in the section from Brasla bridge to Valka, along the Daugavpils highway in the section from Saulkalne to Skrīveri and along the Ventspils highway from Usma to Ventspils. Driving on regional roads is difficult in Balvi, … Read more

Shorter working weeks and the “new reality”. What to expect in the work environment in 2022? – Business – – iTech

“In 2022, we will see employers pay more attention to the needs of employees to improve relationships with their existing employees, as well as attract new professionals,” says Klots. This is not only the basis of good business – flexibility and care for the employee is becoming a significant advantage that more and more employees … Read more

PHOTO AND VIDEO⟩ Putin and Lukashenko “fire” in hockey match – Hockey – – Sports

Putin and Lukashenko played on the same team. It should be noted that Lukashenko wore a different shirt than his teammates – it was decorated with the inscription “Belarus”. Putin scored seven goals, Lukashenko two goals, and Lukashenko’s 17-year-old son Nikolai four. Overall, their team celebrated the victory with 18: 7. Putin and Lukashenko played … Read more

Thursday horoscope: December 30 – – Horoscopes – Free time

This working day will not be so symbolic, no productive work will be achieved. Focus on home and family. It will be a pleasure to jointly prepare for the holiday and wrap gifts for tomorrow’s New Year’s Eve. Although you should be living in the holiday mood today, you will go to work anxiously – … Read more

Rumor has it that Graham is expecting her second child from Ilona Mask – Celebrities – – Entertainment

On December 28, Graham posted a photo on Instagram showing a pregnant belly. Fans rushed to speculate whether the photo could be a statement of anticipation, as the singer similarly announced her first pregnancy in 2020. True, the singer did not answer the questions of the fans and commented on the talk about a possible … Read more

Monday horoscope: December 27 – – Horoscopes – Free time

A productive day. Lots of time and colleagues or business partners will be with you on one wave. Although the last week of the year, new forms of cooperation may emerge. It will be revealed that some important work needs to be done this week before the event. Don’t be angry with colleagues, control your … Read more

Sunday Horoscope: December 26 – – Horoscopes – Free time

An important relationship topic – you will be sensitive to all aspects of private life. Even if it’s not really what it looks like. If something has accumulated in your heart, talk to your loved one and other family members. It is important to dedicate time to your loved one, to strengthen harmony. If you … Read more