Former CSSD politician Benda and lobbyist Rittig also appeared in Pandora Papers

Pandora Papers is an international journalists’ project that exploits so-called offshore companies in non-transparent transactions due to anonymity and tax optimization. The leaked documents feature over 300 Czechs and 178 offshore companies with a Czech background. has previously stated that among them are the former minister, criminal, local politicians, bankers, armourers, real estate and … Read more

“Only gamers will like it.” The first reviews of the film “Resident Evil: Raccoon City” appeared

“Unpretentious entertainment for a couple of hours, with enough character development to start worrying when someone is bitten.” Critics began to roll out the first reviews of the film “Resident Evil: Raccoon City” directed by Johannes Roberts. Some people liked the simplicity and unpretentiousness of the picture, when others scolded the film for gamers for … Read more

Halina Frąckowiak appeared in “Wiadomości” TVP. She praised the soldiers’ attitude. “It stands by the wall behind the Polish uniform”

You can find more about the star appearances on TVP at “The Last Komers”. Wendzikowska in a bizarre hairstyle, Entrusts in a misguided styling Halina Frąckowiak appeared in the material of the main issue of “Wiadomości”. On air TVP1 assessed the work of Polish services, which have been at the center of the humanitarian … Read more

Peng Shuai appeared on the phone with the President of the International Olympic Committee, saying that he was “good and safe”-BBC News

November 22, 2021 6:20 AM Image source,IOC / Greg Martin Image with text, Chinese tennis star Peng Shuai had a video call with IOC President Bach on Sunday. Chinese tennis star Peng Shuai had a video call with officials of the International Olympic Committee on Sunday (November 21). She said she was safe. This is … Read more

Sesame Street, where Koreans appeared for the first time in 52 years… Conservatives in the US “It’s uncomfortable~” Why?

On the New York set of the popular American children’s program ‘Sesame Street’, the character ‘Ernie’ (left) and the new character ‘Jiyoung’ are seen. Ji-young is the first Asian and Korean-American character in the show, aired in 1969. yunhap news A Korean-American character appeared in ‘Sesame Street,’ a world-famous television program for preschoolers, which has … Read more

iOS 15.2 Beta 2: Long-awaited camera feature for iPhone 13 (Pro) has appeared

After this Apple iOS 15.1 published, the first beta version of iOS 15.2 on the market. The latest Beta 2 now takes care of an unpopular camera feature of the new iPhone 13 models, which is likely to drive some smartphone photographers insane, because so far this cannot be deactivated. That could be with iOS … Read more

When she was seven, she appeared in the cult program “Tik-Tak”. Years later, he tells the truth about the show. “Nobody Cared About Us”

More interesting news can be found at Program “Only-Yes “made his air debut Polish Television in January 1982 and enjoyed great popularity until 1999. The main character of the program was Pan Tik-Tak, in which he played Andrzej Grabowskiand was accompanied by Aunt Klotka – played by Ewa Chotomoska. The show featured members of … Read more

Tamara Paganini appeared with a face full of bruises and worried her followers

Tamara Paganini posted photos and videos with black eyes. Her followers thought she had fallen, but she explained that had cosmetic surgery to change the look of your look. “I was not hit by my boyfriend. Nor by any man, woman or animal. I got the bags out of my eyes!”, He expressed to convey … Read more

Filtered out! new Suzuki S-Cross appeared before its premiere

There is no more mystery in front of the new Suzuki S-Cross. Spy images from Japan allowed us to meet the renewed crossover of the Japanese brand. Until now, there was no idea what the new generation of the Suzuki S-Cross, whose debut is scheduled for the November 25. But the secret was unveiled before … Read more