Fraud abroad, a video appears that troubles the Maie

The fraud affair for the 2022 policies abroad is growing. And an unprecedented South American vein emerges. Il Giornale has intercepted another complaint filed by lawyers Massimo and Romolo Reboa on behalf of Domenico Porpiglia, director of the masthead Gente d’Italia, the reference newspaper for our compatriots abroad. According to Porpiglia’s complaint, an Italian from … Read more

After the spread of the “Ghost Restaurant” video, the deceased man appears and solves the mystery

A puzzle has been solved “Ghost Korean House” Terrifying! It has been revealed retired worker In IT he was seen in a promotional video for a restaurant during a dinner after a widow claimed it showed her long dead husband. Lucy Watson, 59, raised questions online after posting the footage, which she said showed her … Read more

A 12-year-old girl who was missing for 6 days in Viña del Mar appears: her mother took her to the sub-station | National

After six days missing, this Monday the girl who had been missing for almost a week in Viña del Mar appeared. She arrived with her mother at the Carabineros sub-commission to file the complaint. A 12-year-old girl was missing for six days when she left her home at dawn on January 24 in Viña del … Read more

The Cheapest! SEGINI Price for Suzuki Celerio 2023 Appears Stylish and Trendy, Latest LCGC Car for Young People NOW

AYOSEMARANG.COM -– This time, the Indonesian automotive world is being horrified by the figure of the LCGC car cheapest ie Suzuki Celerio 2023. New car Suzuki Celerio 2023 this is very present stylishwith a classic touch modern. From a new look Suzuki Celerio 2023 It is claimed that it is very suitable to be a … Read more

Medio Metro leaves the dance and appears in a fight at the Arena Neza

After the controversy that left the lawsuit between pirate sound and the half meterthe famous social media character appeared in a fight feature on the Arena Nice. In a video shared on social networks you can see the Internet star helping the gladiator Maximum to obtain the triumph, for seconds before celebrating with their traditional … Read more

Renault Espace turns into an SUV. The new model appears this spring

Renault Espace, the French model that pioneered the minivan segment since 1983, will receive a new, sixth-generation model. It will debut in the spring of 2023. The new Espace will, however, demarcate itself from its predecessors in terms of bodywork, turning into an SUV that seems to be based on its recently launched sibling – … Read more

The white card appears for the first time in the Portuguese derby

Since the 1970 FIFA World Cup finals, soccer fans have been accustomed to seeing the referee show yellow and red cards to foul players only. However, referees now have another weapon, which is the “white card”. Where the most famous referee of the Benfica and Sporting Lisbon match in the Portuguese Women’s Cup, within the … Read more

Xiaomi 13 Ultra appears in the global IMEI database; The first details on the specifications of the camera phone are here!

Last December Xiaomi announced a new series of flagship phones in China. Is about Xiaomi 13, lineup that includes both a basic and a Pro variant. The series would also bring a top camera-phone, however. It’s about Xiaomi 13 Ultra. It seems to have made an appearance in the IMEI database, and according to the … Read more

The pink Bocchi appears killing zombies in Left 4 Dead — Kudasai

The PC video game community is the most active in many aspects, but it stands out especially in modifications or “mods“. Since you have access to all game files, mods can replace many features of the original game, such as character models or soundtrackbut they can even turn it into a completely different experience. Thus, … Read more