Pregnant, Shanna Kress in tears because she can no longer support her body: “Cellulite appears” (video)

Shanna Kress is pregnant and has a lot of trouble going through her physical change. The former reality TV contestant, who made the decision to selectively terminate her pregnancy after learning that one of her twins had Down’s syndrome, is having a hard time with see in the mirror. Her physical change is difficult for … Read more

What’s Up China? After Covid-19, Now Langya Henipavirus Appears

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – After three years ago finding the virus that causes Covid-19, China has again detected a new virus that is spreading in its country. This time it is a new type of Henipavirus or named Langya Henipavirus (LayV). This virus comes from animals and can infect humans. The Global Times reported that … Read more

An immunologist described a new symptom of covid. It appears mainly at night

Scientists are now working to identify differences between BA.5 and other strains, including the ability to re-infect humans within weeks of contracting covid. In addition, a leading British immunologist suggested that the new strain could be causing a new symptom in patients. The studies agree. Scientists are clear about what exactly started the covid pandemic … Read more

“Man shot in Antwerp appears to be conflict in drug environment”

A man was shot in Antwerp on Tuesday evening. The Gazet van Antwerpen writes that this has to do with a conflict in the drug environment. Photo for illustration offender The shooting in the Hoboken district of Antwerp took place on Tuesday around 10 p.m. The perpetrator called at a home and immediately opened fire … Read more

Xiao S collapses in the middle of the night, “that disgusting” if Dibao appears: I may give up this family and have already slept to death | Entertainment | CTWANT

Xiao S Xu Xidi’s sharp hosting style is deeply loved by many fans, and she often shares the joys of life on Facebook in private. Whenever she has time, she will reply to fans’ messages, and her style is very close to the people. Xiao S revealed late at night today (17th) that there was … Read more

The strangest marriage customs on the face of the globe .. The bride appears without clothes in a swimming pool and surprisingly what the groom does in front of everyone .. If she endures and accepts, she becomes his wife.!! (shocking details)

Marriage was not believed by reason, or that it could occur in any human society, as it reaches beating and burning with fire. China has topped the throne of the strangest marriage customs among 18 other countries, Including large and well-known countries, including small countries and islands that no one cared about, but they were … Read more

Sudirman Said Appears to Give Advice on Jokowi’s Budget of IDR 3,000 T in 2023

Jakarta – President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) targets state spending of Rp 3,041.7 trillion in the 2023 Draft State Budget (RAPBN). Meanwhile, the energy subsidy budget is planned to be disbursed Rp 210.7 trillion. Former Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) Sudirman Said also commented on this matter. According to him, the government needs to … Read more

Nisreen Tafesh appears with her husband after a long absence.. and this is how she looked

The Syrian artist publishedNisreen TafeshThe audience has a new image via the short story feature through its own account on the social networking site, in which she appeared with her husband, the Egyptian doctor, Sherif Sharkawy, and commented: “When I have been away from you for a long time, I wanted to replace you today, … Read more

The “Starvation Stone” Appears in Europe’s Rivers Warning: When You See Me Cry All

BERLIN, – Drought in Europe marked by heat wave revealed a memorial that marked the period of tribulation that his ancestors had experienced. This reminder is engraved on a stone called “starving stones“, which rises when the rivers of Europe dry up. “Stone hunger” reveals the difficulties that people have faced in the past … Read more

Duh, Another Virus Appears That Can Make People Sick of Polio

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Not yet over the Covid-19 pandemic, New York City, United States (US) seems to have to face this new disease. A report said poliovirus was detected in wastewater samples there. According to local health officials, the findings are an indication of possible local circulation of the virus. New York Mayor Eric … Read more