What is the difference?.. the most prominent differences between the iPhone XS Max and iPhone X

Apple introduced its iPhone XS Max phone last year, as it included a set of improvements and upgrades that users had long needed, and it was the first step in Apple’s path towards the next generation of its advanced phones, and below we show a comparison between it and the company’s latest phone, iPhone X … Read more

“Apple” improves the performance of the face print with the muzzle

iPhone users have a problem using the face print with the muzzle, and this is because the sensor does not read the muzzle well. This is an inconvenience to users, especially with the Corona epidemic, so Apple launched an update to use the watch instead of the face print. But what if you don’t have … Read more

Jarir to buy the new iPhone 13 – iPhone 13 in Saudi Arabia.. How much is the price? The house of life

The Saudis are looking for The price of the new iPhone 13 – iPhone 13 to be bought from Jarir Bookstore And Google has recorded high operations inside the Kingdom to find out iPhone 13 price And in this article, which we put to you about the specifications and prices of the iPhone 13, we … Read more

IPhone 12 .. leaks reveal the launch date and “event surprises”

<div id="firstBodyDiv" data-bind-html-content-type="article" data-bind-html-compile="article.body" data-first-article-body=" The site, citing the well-known tech leak “iHacktu”, stated that “Camel“IPhone 12” will be announced on September 8, as usual, but the company will not release the group of other devices at the same time. “IHacktu” said that “Apple” will hold a secondary event on October 27 in order to … Read more

All you need to know about the upcoming iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro phones

The world is eagerly awaiting the month of September, when Apple is expected to unveil new iPhones, as it is rumored that the American company is preparing a new low-cost iPhone, referred to as the 2020 iPhone SE, in addition to four different versions of the iPhone 12 due to be launched in the fall, … Read more