RealityScan, the free application now available on iOS with which to create 3D models of real objects to develop video games – IOS

RealityScan, the app free from Epic Games for 3D modeling, is now available for download on systems compatible with iOS. Thus, after publishing a beta phase last April, the company shared the final version of its Work tool. With her, as pointed out from The Vergeusers will be able recreate real world objects without having … Read more

Messages will be stolen.. An urgent warning from a dangerous application on Android phones

Hackers are still trying to devise new tricks that enable them to penetrate smartphones and access the personal data of users, to use them for personal purposes that serve their own interests, or to blackmail users to get their money, and among these tricks is an application that is installed on Android phones. Through which … Read more

according to a study, three vaccines lose effect six months after their application

Sputnik V THAT “This study arose from the need of PAMI to monitor the adult population and make a follow-up of vaccinated people. For this, he requested the collaboration of the National Institute of Epidemiology (INE) and the Leloir Institute Foundation (FIL),” the biologist and health professional told CyTA-Leloir. CONICET, pamela rodriguezone of the main … Read more

Brutal return to Earth for French Tech start-ups

Jean-Noël Barrot, Minister Delegate in charge of the Digital Transition and Telecommunications, during the return of French Tech to the Ministry of the Economy, on September 22, in Paris. GAUTHIER BEDRIGNANS/Hans Lucas via AFP INVESTIGATION – Capital is no longer flowing and investors are asking young shoots to quickly become profitable. The party is over. … Read more

Delete it immediately.. A harmful application that uses your numbers to create accounts without permission!

30 – November – 2022 Harmful application on the phone (emoticon) A security researcher warned of a security-harmful application that uses user numbers to create accounts without their permission, according to the Arab Technical News Portal. According to the security researcher, Symoo, a fake text messaging app for Android, secretly acts as a way to … Read more

Beware, Hackers Modify the OpenVPN Application on Android to Become Spyware, Jakarta – The perpetrators of crimes related to espionage on the internet, were caught trying to lure Android users with fake VPN app. ESET researchers say that this fake VPN on Android is a trojan version of the official application SoftVPN and OpenVPN. Collect Bleeping ComputerMonday (28/11/2022), this method aims to steal contact and … Read more

Download these 4 apps for peace of mind. When you are addicted to COVID, you can notify immediately |

Coronavirus disease 2019 or COVID-19 has been declared a dangerous communicable disease. due to the rate of spread severe patient and decreased mortality Therefore, it is appropriate to adjust the legal measures accordingly. Including the treatment guidelines, the duration has also been modified as well. Today, we would like to recommend 4 applications that will … Read more

Download TikTok videos without watermarks without the SnapTik application and search for SSSTikTok MP3 songs, this is the official method

DIY NEWS – Cara download video TikTok without watermarks no application from SnapT and with MP3 from SSSTikTok many netizens are looking for. Listen cara download official below this. There are many cara that can be done for download video TikTok without watermarks the latest online and free 2022. One of them is using from … Read more

Treasury denies credit application – El Financiero

The Ministry of Finance clarified this Tuesday that it did not request any financing to the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) for the social programs of the Government of Mexico. The agency said it was surprised by the publication of a document that “never existed”. “The federal government has financed social programs using resources from the … Read more

How to Get 1 Million Rupiah Fund Balance Without Downloading a Money-Making Application Without Inviting Friends, It’s Free! – Tricks on how to get a free fund balance of 1 million rupiah without download the application is also without inviting friends, it can be proven directly here and proven to pay It turns out how to get free DANA balance Rp. 1 million without a money-making game application or inviting friends, this … Read more