Arbistar is not authorized to provide investment services in Spain, warns the CNMV

The National Securities Market Commission (CNMV) of Spain warned in a statement that Arbistar is not registered in the corresponding registry and, therefore, is not authorized to provide investment services. This Commission indicated in the same release what the warning also falls on its CEO, Santiago Fuentes Jover. This man is currently at an unknown … Read more

The CNMV warns about Arbistar, linked to Santiago Fuentes Jover

Arbistar website. The Arbistar bitcoin platform leaves more than 32,000 families trapped without being able to recover their investments The National Securities Market Commission (CNMV) has warned that the Arbistar company ( is not registered in its registry and that, therefore, it is not authorized to provide investment services in Spain. Likewise, it ensures that … Read more

CNMV warns about Arbistar and links Santi Fuentes for a history of scams in Spain – BeInCrypto

The National Securities Market Commission in Spain published a warning this Monday, October 5, where Arbistar is included in the list of unregistered entities and that therefore would not be authorized to provide investment services. Too, the CNMV warned on the link between Santiago Fuentes Jover and Arbistar, the current CEO of the company. This … Read more

Spanish Prosecutor’s Office begins investigation against Arbistar for alleged fraud

The Spanish Prosecutor’s Office launched an investigation against Arbistar after the National Police and the Civil Guard received dozens of complaints after an alleged scam on the platform for arbitration with cryptocurrencies. The service ceased operations on one of its bots due to alleged failures, leaving 32,000 affected users without access to funds. The start … Read more

The Prosecutor’s Office investigates the bitcoin platform Arbistar for a scam of up to 850 million

The Prosecutor’s Office has opened proceedings against the cryptocurrency purchase and sale platform Arbistar for an alleged scam that ranges between 100 and 850 million euros, according to the first investigations. More of 32,000 families cannot access savings in the form of bitcoins that they had deposited in products of the firm Arbistar 2.0, with … Read more

Arbistar bitcoin platform in Tenerife leaves more than 32,000 families without recovering their investment

Expansión newspaper – Madrid More than 32,000 families cannot access the savings in the form of bitcoins that they had deposited in products of the firm Arbistar 2.0, with tax headquarters in Tenerife, in a situation that affects at least investments worth 93.4 million euros ( US $ 108.6 million), as recognized by the company … Read more

Top 10 crypto news of the week ¿CEO Arbistar resigns ?, ECB supports digital euro, Venezuela advances… – BeInCrypto

Welcome to another weekly compilation of crypto news from BeInCrypto, we bring you the top 10 most relevant crypto news for the week of September 21-27, 2020. Instantly update the latest Bitcoin news, cryptocurrencies, blockchain, FinTech, disruptive technologies, macroeconomics and much more. Delve into the topics that seem most interesting to you. The most important … Read more

Hundreds of those affected denounce the bitcoin platform Arbistar

They promised stratospheric profits by buying bitcoins in platforms at cheap prices and reselling them more expensive. The arbitration of cryptocurrencies it was the business of the Arbistar platform, based in Tenerife. They thus managed to attract thousands of customers, who in turn attracted others on the network. But on September 12, the firm alleged … Read more

Venezuelan tells how he invested all his savings in Arbistar and went bankrupt – DiarioBitcoin

By Angel Di Matteo @shadowargel Victor Moreno, a Venezuelan scammed by Arbistar, share your story with readers and request support from the crypto community in dealing with what happened. *** For many people in a large number of countries, cryptocurrencies brought many business opportunities, becoming an alternative to overcome difficult financial scenarios. Such is the … Read more