Archaeologists have unexpectedly found a large Roman temple complex in the Netherlands

In the village of Herwen-Hemeling, which belongs to the town of Zevenaar, amateur archaeologists first discovered the first objects at the end of last year and alerted the authorities. On further investigation, experts discovered a place near a hill at the confluence of the Rhine with a smaller river. According to the Dutch archeological society … Read more

5 The World’s Oldest Food Found by Archaeologists, Number 4 Food of Pharaoh Tutankhamun

CAIRO – Discovery food oldest in the world by archaeologists in archaeological sites shows that the culture of healthy living and survival has been known for a long time. Amount oldest food in the world, it still survives to this day. Although the development and culinary culture is growing rapidly in the 21st century, it … Read more

A well-preserved find has been discovered in Norway’s melting glacier: archaeologists have discovered a leather shoe worn 3,000 years ago

Unlike objects found in acidic soils or under huge glaciers, objects found in Norwegian icebergs are often perfectly preserved even after several thousand years – almost unbroken, undeformed. This is because the ice sections are relatively stable and do not contain corrosive components. Practically intact weapons, clothing, textiles, plants and animal remains have been found … Read more

Mayan Treasures Ready to Be Uncovered after Archaeologists Find Xiol Pyramids and Palace

NEW MEXICO – Ruins of civilization city Mayans An ancient palace filled with palaces, pyramids and squares was found at a construction site near Merida on Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. As reported by the Daily Mail, this city is known as Xiol which means ‘Human Spirit’ in the Mayan language. READ ALSO – Jewish Scientists Find … Read more

Archaeologists have discovered a 3,400-year-old city at the bottom of a dry reservoir. It belonged to the ancient Mitanni Empire – ČT24 – Czech Television

“The warehouse building is of special importance because it had to store a huge amount of goods, which were probably brought from a wide area,” said archaeologist Ivana Puljizová. Qasim adds: “The results of the excavations show that this site was an important center in the Mitanni Empire.” The scientist was surprised at how good … Read more

A stunning find in the skulls of people discovered by archaeologists: find out why Mayans stuck gems on their teeth

Men and women, no matter what their financial situation, visited dentists at a young age to have their teeth drilled and their holes filled with precious stones or minerals. Such seals served a lifetime and probably had a ritual significance. Teeth decoration was probably practiced not only for aesthetic reasons.Recent studies of the cement used … Read more

Archaeologists open mysterious sarcophagus found under Notre Dame Cathedral – Scientific Exploration – cnBeta.COM

The French government has ordered archaeological excavations at Notre-Dame Cathedral following a devastating fire in 2019 before full restoration begins. In March, a month after the archaeological investigation began, it was revealed that the French National Institute for Preventive Archaeology had uncovered a sarcophagus dating back to the 14th century. access: VIP members buy 1 … Read more

Archaeologists Find Asteroids Suspected Cause Dinosaur Extinction

Archaeologists have found the remains of an asteroid that is thought to have hit Earth 66 million years ago. REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, NORTH DAKOTA — United States (US) archaeologists are collecting the remains of the day of the extinction of the dinosaurs. According to The New York Timesquoted people, Sunday (10/4/2022), scientists studying a site in North … Read more

London imposes new sanctions on seven Russian archaeologists

London (agencies) The British government announced yesterday that it will impose new sanctions on 7 wealthy Russians, including Roman Abramovich, owner of Chelsea Football Club and his former business partner Oleg Deripaska, in response to the Russian attack on Ukraine.It imposed an asset freeze on Abramovich, a ban on dealings with British individuals and companies, … Read more

Archaeologists found an unknown structure in Machu Picchu with a laser radar – ČT24 – Czech Television

Similar discoveries are becoming more common due to a combination of two technologies: lasers, which can “see” despite obstacles such as dense vegetation, and drones, which help archaeologists explore otherwise inaccessible places. According to studies published in the January issue of the Journal of Archaeological Science scientists on the edge of a ceremonial site called … Read more