ecobonus, home bonus, sismabonus and architectural barriers bonus

If you’re considering renovating your home, knowing which building bonuses you can use can make all the difference. With the superbonus now behind us (and on individual real estate units it could only be used on towed interventions or in the case of an autonomous and functionally independent unit), the many tax regulations allow the … Read more

Superbonus, sismabonus and architectural barriers bonus: how the deduction works in 10 years

Important news regarding the Superbonus, the Sismabonus and the works aimed at overcoming architectural barriers. Starting from 2 May, the credit spreader platform became operational which concerns the Superbonus 110%, the Sismabonus and all the bonuses for works aimed at overcoming architectural barriers. Let’s see all the details together. The credit spreading measure concerns the … Read more

Renovate your home with the 75% architectural barriers bonus and the invoice discount

The Decree Law n. 11 of 16 February 2023 has, in fact, deactivated the art. 121 of the Law Decree n. 34/2020 (relaunch decree), prohibiting the transfer of tax credits. However, there are some survivors. Some tax bonuses, unconditionally, have survived the ax of the decree and for them, despite the corrections made during the … Read more

The fire at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris has revealed a great architectural secret

During the restoration works of the cathedral, the former architectural innovations were revealed, which allowed the building to become the tallest cathedral of its era in the 12th century – at that time it reached a height of approximately 32 meters. This height, it turns out, was largely achieved thanks to the use of iron … Read more

Architectural barriers and Law 104: tax breaks that few know about

People with disabilities are entitled to numerous benefits such as contributions for the elimination of architectural barriers in private buildings. Let’s explore the grants granted to eliminate architectural barriers and make life easier for people with recognized disabilities. At the exact moment in which the INPS Commission certifies the presence of a handicap grave … Read more

Death – Architectural photographer Margherita Spiluttini died

Architectural photographer Margherita Spiluttini has died at the age of 76. This was announced by the Christine König gallery in Vienna, where Spiluttini was under contract, on Friday evening. According to the Architekturzentrum Wien, the photographer, who was awarded the Austrian State Prize for Artistic Photography in 2016, documented more than 4,000 buildings and objects … Read more

Al-Hakim Bi-Amr Allah Mosque.. An architectural masterpiece that regains its archaeological splendor

Ten centuries ago, the first brick was laid for one of the oldest mosques in Fatimid Cairo, the largest in area and the most beautiful in design. In the year 989 AD, Al-Aziz Billah Al-Fatimi, the fifth Fatimid caliph, saw that Al-Azhar Al-Sharif Mosque no longer had the capacity to accommodate more worshipers and scholars, … Read more