Midnight Sun Phenomenon, When Daylight Lasts 24 Hours All

KOMPAS.com – At the equator, the duration of day and night is approximately the same, which is about 12 hours each throughout the year. However, the further from the equator, the balance of the day and night periods may change. In New York City, for example, daylight lasts about 15 hours in June and about … Read more

Earth’s Pole Warms, Antarctica and Arctic Experiencing Extreme Heat

KOMPAS.com – Two poles Earth reported warming. Temperature in Antartika and Arctic experiencing strange extreme heat simultaneously. Quoted from PhysTuesday (22/3/2022), the temperature is in South Pole Earth, Antarctica is recorded to have warmed by about 40 degrees Celsius, warmer than average. While the Arctic, Arctic Pole Earth, hot temperatures reach about 30 degrees Celsius, … Read more

Scientists Plan to Bring Mammoths to Life in Six Years, Could It Happen? page all

KOMPAS.com – Geneticists plan to revive mammoth hairy from death within the next six years. The plan was carried out by creating a cross with Asian elephant. If successful, scientists have devised a plan to bring the woolly mammoth back to Arctic Pole hoping to help slow down climate change. The idea for bringing the … Read more

Study Reveals Nanoplastic Pollution Detected for the First Time at Earth’s Pole

KOMPAS.com – Pollution nanoplastics has been detected in the area the poles of the Earth for the first time. The findings of this study indicate that now these tiny particles have spread all over the world. Pollution nanoparticles Plastic smaller and more toxic than microplastics. Nanoplastics are highly toxicologically active compared to microplastics, but the … Read more

Can Scientists Develop Ice Sanctuaries for Arctic Life? – All Pages

Nationalgeographic.co.id – Polar bears have fought in Arctic Pole which heats up. But this is not the first time species this icon suffered a fate like this. In 2012, DNA revealed that polar bears had faced extinction previously. It probably occurred during the warm period 130,000 years ago. After that, they reappeared. For researchers, the … Read more

Doomsday glaciers continue to melt, glaciologists call Earth on the verge of collapse

ALASKA – Thwaites Glacier Melt can no longer be dammed, the melting of the glacier known as the ‘glacier doomsday’ will cause a major disaster on Earth. Scientists also continue to warn of the terrible risk that will occur, it could cause the Earth to sink. READ ALSO – Scientists: Arctic Temperature Rise Is Very … Read more

Arctic Hottest Temperature Breaks Record, Reaches 38 Degrees Celsius

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Continental highest temperature Arctic from Arctic Pole broke the record in 2020 by reaching 38⁰ celsius found in Verkhoyansk City, Russia. The record was presented by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) under the auspices of the United Nations (UN) on Tuesday (14/12). According to the WMO statement, this record occurred on … Read more

Killer Whale Hunts in Melting Arctic Ocean, Researchers Worry About Disrupting Ecosystem

WASHINGTON – The melting of ice sheets in the Arctic Ocean has opened up new, wider waters and killer whale been seen hunting there. Scientists are concerned that the presence of intelligent predators in Arctic waters could create ecological imbalance destroying the habitat and species in it. In recent years, scientists have detected killer whales … Read more

The discovery of a giant hole in the North Pole worries scientists

Canada – In an area known as the Last Ice or the last ice in the Arctic or Arctic Pole, found a giant holea. This worries scientists in the area because usually, Last Ice has thick ice. The hole in the ice, also known as polynya, is located on the island of Ellesmere, Canada’s northernmost … Read more

The Danger Behind the Arctic Melting: Ancient and Nuclear Bacteria

Jakarta – Ice sheet in Arctic Pole or the Arctic is feared to be increasingly vulnerable to melting as climate change and global warming. Apart from contributing to rising sea levels in various parts of the world, there are other great dangers that may arise from this phenomenon. As quoted detikINET from Futurism, the danger … Read more