Tomorrow’s Weather – BMKG: Alert 30 Areas Potentially to Experience Heavy Rain on Tuesday, 28 March 2023

TRIBUNNEWS.COM – The Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) has released an early warning for extreme weather tomorrow, Tuesday (28/3/2023). According to the official page BMKG94S seeds were observed in the Indian Ocean south of East Java with a maximum wind speed of 20 knots and a minimum air pressure of 1006 mb. This system … Read more

Schedule of Iftar Today for Bengkulu City and Surrounding Areas, Thursday 23 March 2023

TIMETABLE iftar today for the Bengkulu City area and its surroundings, Thursday 23 March 2023. On the first day of fasting, Thursday 23 March 2023 for the City of Bengkulu and its surroundings, the time to break the fast is at 18.23 WIB. While the imsak time, at 04.50 WIB. The following is the schedule … Read more

An urgent warning from the meteorologists.. Heavy rains will hit these areas within hours

I expected a body Met The weather is a state of instability in the weather conditions, which will start within a few hours, specifically from next Monday evening, when there will be a wave of instability accompanied by heavy rain and thunderstorms in some places, winds, and a drop in temperature of up to 7 … Read more

Juaneda Hospitales opens the first Traveler Consultation to prevent infectious diseases in health risk areas

Juaneda Hospitales has launched the first Traveler Consultation, which is attended at Hospital Juaneda Miramar by Dr. Eliana Cortés, a specialist in Internal Medicine, and whose objective is to provide all health information, vaccines and prophylactic measures to those who go to travel to areas with some health risk. «For many trips, preventive vaccines are … Read more

This year, SEB banka will hire more than 100 new employees in the areas of product development and IT

SEB banka has launched an ambitious recruitment program in the Baltic countries to hire more than 100 new employees in product development and IT positions this year. The new positions were created with the aim of offering customers improved digital solutions and services already this year. “Demand for product development and IT specialists is driven … Read more

The expert advised what nonsense not to fall for and what three areas not to waste money or time on this year

Inflation, the threat of a crisis, the increasing cost of digital advertising, its decreasing effectiveness and many other dark colors – does this mean that it will be harder to sell online this year? Are there trends that show growth is possible even in this environment? How to use it? At the LiMA conference “E-commerce: … Read more

Water was cut off in 10 areas in Al-Marj for 12 hours due to maintenance work

Written by Sayed Al-Khalafawi Tuesday, February 28, 2023 01:00 AM Today, 10 areas in Al-Marj and the Zakat Foundation in Cairo are witnessing a 12-hour outage of drinking water. Inc. announced drinking water In Cairo, due to carrying out welding works to connect the water line with a diameter of 1200 mm, it is necessary … Read more