Former Real Madrid star Messi: Aren’t you ashamed of yourself?

Former Real Madrid and Netherlands star Raphael van der Vaart criticized Lionel Messi after his team Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester City met in the Champions League group stage. And the former Dutch international said in comments reported by the Spanish newspaper, Mundo Deportivo, yesterday, Thursday: “Messi pisses me off. He walks on the pitch, don’t … Read more

Basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal talked about a relationship with her kids: I keep saying the rich aren’t them, the rich are just me

More than 268 million people were interviewed by Earn Your Leisure. Mr O’Neal, who has earned US dollars during his career as an athlete and now advertises products from a variety of manufacturers, including renowned companies such as Reebok, has explained how he manages the family’s finances. “My children have grown up,” he said. … Read more

Aren’t tempted by higher salaries? Employers have come up with special benefit packages – it can work

In the fourth quarter, 80% of the world’s organizations plan to increase the number of employees. Manufacturing (72%), financial insurance, real estate and services (71%), transport, storage, communications and personal services (69%), agriculture, forestry, fishing and construction (68%) and trade are the most affected. (60%) sectors, according to a press release. © Photo by the … Read more

Ronaldo gave Manchester United chefs a list of his favorite dishes. Teammates aren’t too excited about it

Will all his teammates start eating Portuguese delicacies and give up desserts for good? Share Impose Saved Share Share article You must be logged in to save the article. Failed to save changes. Please try logging in again and try again. If the problem persists, please contact the administrator. An error has occured If the … Read more

Interactively see buildings and people that aren’t really there

A walking route is being developed through historic Wolvega. The route uses augmented reality: a special application that tells the stories of a number of historical figures, stories and sights. The initiator of Museum ‘t Kiekhuus works together with a large number of partners in Wolvega. In total, the foundation invests 14,500 euros. The municipality … Read more

New reality: Aren’t you vaccinated against covid? So don’t go to work anymore

Unpaid leave. That is what about three hundred thousand French doctors, nurses, nursing home staff and also firefighters who have not yet been vaccinated against covid are expected from this week. In this way, France is also trying to catch up with the most experienced countries in the European Union. The preference for the vaccinated … Read more

“All the fault of Donald Trump”. But aren’t you ashamed? – Free Daily

Laura Boldrini si says “very anguished for all those women, girls, but also for those who belong to minority groups, and for people who in general have believed in the principles of freedom and respect for rights, because this regime will not allow them to have the opportunity to breathe “. The reference is to … Read more

There aren’t many bears left. New Wall Street Records Awaiting Jackson Hole – Stock Exchange

The Dow Jones advanced 0.11%, to 35,405.50 points on a day when it surpassed 35,500 points, approaching the absolute record of August 16, when it reached 35,631.19 points. Already the S&P 500 even set new records, whether closing or intraday. The broad index gained 0.22%, to 4,496.29 points, and during the day surpassed 4,500 points … Read more

aren’t the side effects of vaccines too great?

Aren’t the side effects of anti-Covid vaccines too great? The response from Philippe Amouyel, Professor of Public Health at the University of Lille: “Guillain-Barré syndromes, which affect the peripheral nervous system, are great classics in vaccination, so we expected to see them. But there was none, except for the Janssen, about 100 in the United … Read more

“Young” helps “Black Ant” to smash, issue a summons for celebrities, call out to encroach on the basic rights of the people. The black ant asked if he saw a dead person in the street. Aren’t you sad?

“Dam Mod” would like to speak on behalf of Dara Cho, who was issued a summons. Call out. Call out and say that he will go but see the dead on the road. Aren’t you sad? “Young man” is encroaching on the basic rights of the people. Being criticized until becoming a trend on Twitter … Read more