Messi calls on Argentines to be wise about the chances of winning the title

Posted in: 12/11/2022 – 19:26Last updated: 12/11/2022 – 19:24 Buenos Aires (AFP) – Argentine star Lionel Messi called on his countrymen to be prudent about Albiceleste’s chances of winning the World Cup in football, during an interview with an Argentine newspaper on Saturday, about a week before the start of the 2022 World Cup in … Read more

Horror! The ‘screams’ of Argentines hit by the economic crisis

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The economic crisis that occurred in Argentina has affected the citizens of the country greatly. This condition makes it difficult to carry out any activities due to high inflation. One of them was experienced by a photographer named Irina Werning. In fact, he said that inflation of up to double digits … Read more

The healthy diet that can be up to 15% cheaper than the average menu of Argentines

The food one is one of the items that most drives inflation. And when you put the magnifying glass on the increases within that category, the healthiest are the ones that increase the most. Eating healthy, it is known, is more expensive and always has been, as different studies have shown in this regard. Until … Read more

The favorite investment of Argentines with estimated returns of 40% in dollars

The uncertainty about the short term, inclines the searches to medium or long term options, with the expectation of returns above inflation and with returns in dollars. Within the spectrum of financial assets, the alternatives are very varied, with greater or lesser risks and with different levels of knowledge. Bonds, commodities, bills, shares, time deposits … Read more

Hundreds of thousands of Argentines take to the streets in solidarity with Kirchner

Reuters NOS News•Saturday, 03:08 Hundreds of thousands of people have taken to the streets in Argentina’s capital Buenos Aires to show support for Vice President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner. A 35-year-old Brazilian attacked her with a firearm yesterday, but that didn’t seem to work. The historic Plaza de Mayo, next to the presidential office buildings, … Read more

How much is $1000 argentines in brazilians?

The real is the currency from Brazil and enjoys great popularity in the Argentine territory, either by Argentine citizens who wish to vacation in said country, as well as by those savers What are they looking for in the real a way to protect yourself from inflation. This fact has generated that many Argentines change … Read more

Who are the Argentines who could be nominated for an Oscar, according to international critics

Variety magazine released its predictions for upcoming Oscar nominations Every year and several months before the awards are held in Hollywood Oscara good part of the film critics launch their predictions of who will be among the nominations of the films that have already been released and those that are yet to be released. On … Read more

Electrified cars: more and more Argentines are buying them, the preferred brand and what place Tito occupies

The future is electric and several automotive companies propose it that way. Of course, in each region the transition is different and the geographical conditions of each country must be taken into account. It is not the same to promote 100% electric mobility in places like England, where distances are shorter, than in Argentina, where … Read more

They admit low consumption of beef at the table of Argentines

Specialists from the livestock sector indicated today that the consumption of meat reached 118 kilos per person in the country this year, and that in total the five main meats invoice US$ 24,000 million annually. According to a study by the Meat Table, made up of different associations, chambers and livestock entities, if bovine, pork, … Read more