The moving farewell to Iván, the Argentine boy who jumped from a balcony in Barcelona

Numerous people went to the funeral home to say their last goodbye to Iván, the child Argentinian that was thrown from a balcony with her sister in Barcelona. The place decreed three days of mourning for the death of the minor. The judge responsible for the case already has the Police report, according to which … Read more

Fatal crash in Punta del Este: one of the Argentines involved continues to be hospitalized in serious condition

Juan Pablo Centeno, the young Argentine who remains in intensive care after the fatal crash near Punta del Este, Uruguay. (@jpccrowley) One week after the fatal crash between a Ford Ka and a Volkswagen Nivus in Manantiales, near Punta del Este, Uruguay, in which two young Argentines died. The last medical part shared by the … Read more

We tell you which are the favorite destinations for Argentines to vacation

In the note, the most visited places in 2022. 03/01/2023 2022 marked the triumphant return of travel both within Argentina as in the whole world after the end of the confinement due to the Covid pandemic that prevented the normal practice of tourism for almost two years. Travel is so important that 82% of Argentines … Read more

The Bisht, a traditional coat in Qatar, is all the rage with Argentines

Since Lionel Messi lifted the World Cup with the bisht, a traditional black and gold Arab coat, sales have exploded in Doha. What if the bisht had become a fashionable item of clothing? Since the Emir of Qatar placed the traditional black and gold Arab mantle on the shoulders of Lionel Messi on Sunday, many … Read more

Argentina soccer world champion LIVE Qatar 2022: The spectacular celebration of the Argentines at the Obelisk for the soccer world championship | Buenos Aires | Lionel Messi | France | VIDEOS AND PHOTOS | WORLD

With hearts overflowing with joy, the Argentines took to the streets of Buenos Aires to celebrate his most suffered triumph and also the most desired: his third World Cup won this Sunday at the hands of Lionel Messi in Qatar-2022. “I followed them from the first game. I can hardly speak, it’s so exciting, it’s … Read more

Video shows Argentine fans who climbed 68 meters to the top of the Obelisk to celebrate | qatar-2022

eight hours after Argentina crowned world champion, well into Sunday night, thousands of trans-Andean fans continued to celebrate gathered at the Obelisk in Buenos Aires. The albiceleste – led by Lionel Messi – beat France on penalties and thus won their third world title, giving way to wild celebrations in all parts of Argentina. In … Read more

He went out to pedal in the last penalty and managed to capture the goal cry of thousands of Argentines

On this occasion it was a cyclist who treasured the exact moment in which thousands of Argentines shouted Gonzalo Montiel’s last goal from their homes when no one was on the asphalt. The video, of which the author is unknown and was widely disseminated on the social network Twittershows an individual pedaling in the direction … Read more

Messi maligned in the Netherlands, but Argentines enjoy ‘a touch of Maradona’

EPA NOS Football•Tuesday, 06:21 Lionel Messi will have been knocked off his pedestal by several Dutch people last Friday. The Argentinian was directly involved in two goals against the Orange in the quarter-finals of the World Cup and afterwards snapped at striker Wout Weghorst and the technical staff of the Netherlands. ‘Un-Messianic’, but in his … Read more

WC football | Insidious war during the shootout. The Argentines laughed at the losers who provoked them

Let him who is innocent throw a stone… Provocations and unfair attacks aimed at breaking the opponent’s psyche were visible from both sides. They came to a head during the penalty shootout. His hero, the Argentinian goalkeeper Emiliano Martínez, verbally attacked the opponents’ enforcers. He got under their skin, thanks to which he matured into … Read more

Dutch footballers provoked Argentines in penalty shootout

In the 2022 FIFA World Cup Quarter-Final match played between the Netherlands and Argentina last night, it was seen that the Dutch footballers provoked the Argentine players during the penalty shootout. Argentina National Team made its mark in the semi-finals by beating the Netherlands 4-3 in the quarter-finals of the 2022 World Cup as a … Read more