Through the eyes of Sasha Mitrofanov: How the Russians argued against Putin

First, their language and their documents are often the trigger for a hostile relationship, even though they are a completely false target of hatred. Second, their money in Russian bank accounts is unavailable to them because it is part of Western sanctions against the regime. Needless to say, in this case, the wrong ones are … Read more

Two professional players in Apex Legends argued about a flat Earth

The flat earth remains one of the most popular conspiracy theories. From a simple assumption, it grew into a full-fledged universe with maps of other continents beyond the Arctic Circle and other ideas. The theory did not pass by the players in Apex Legends. Two professional streamers during the broadcast decided to have a debate … Read more

Hernán Drago and his ex-wife argued loudly: “You play the good guy and you’re not”

Hernan Drago and Bárbara Cudich They got together for dinner with their current partners and It all ended in a scandal that the whole neighborhood found out about. The information was given by Estefanía Berardi in LAM (America): “The four of them were having dinner. that speaks well of them. But at one point, screams … Read more

Romance with a schoolgirl: 12 convicted men who have had a baby with a teenager have argued that they no longer intend to commit a crime

The panel of judges of the Criminal Cases Division of the Šiauliai Regional Court in a criminal case examined in an open court hearing on the basis of an appeal of the convicted man’s defense counsel against the conviction of a man under 40 years of age was found guilty and convicted issued a ruling … Read more

The feeder explains the photo to the Spartans: I never refuse anyone. It was a joke on their part, they argued

Source: FC Viktoria Plzeň Michael Krmenčík’s position in Slavia is getting worse and worse every month. He also spoke about his work in Prague on the TIKI TAKA program, where Pavel Horváth, assistant coach of Viktoria Plzeň, also gave his opinion. Michael Krmenčík made the most antagonistic of the Pilsen fans in the mutual match … Read more

Erdogan and Putin argued over whose immunity was stronger

President of Russia Vladimir Putin broke up two weeks of solitary confinement and met with Turkey leader Recep Tayyipu Erdogan, but the latter did not appear to be impressed by the immunity of the Russian president. “Very weak,” was the reaction of the Turkish president when Putin named the amount of antibodies he had (about … Read more

Rada argued with Kozel. If the player shoots his hand, it is a clog, the Jablonec coach dug himself

Coach Jablonec Petr Rada Vlastimil Vacek, Right The situation from the 73rd minute was a valve of frustration and the subject of emotional discussion. What happened? Jablonecký Malínský sent a sharp pass into the lime of the guests. Unfortunately, the captain Mikula from Liberec shot the ball into his own hand. The greens wanted a … Read more

Brigadier General Tumilaar-Police argued about Ari Tahiru being illiterate

Jakarta – Inspector of Military Command (Irdam) XIII/Merdeka, Brigadier General TNI Junior Tumilaar, defended Ari Tahiru (67), a resident who became a suspect in the case destruction concrete panels in Minahasa, North Sulawesi (North Sulawesi). One of the reasons, Ari is illiterate. Ari is dealing with the police because it was reported by the company … Read more