The fake news of the Russian embassy on the Italian armored car

The Kremlin propaganda wrong target. Once the Soviet military were unbeatable in identifying their targets, now their heirs are making glaring mistakes. On all fronts. In a frenzy to influence the Italian political debate, the Russian embassy in Rome released a photo of a wrecked vehicle on the streets of Donbass. With a short message: … Read more

WC football | Another ban, we don’t want crusaders here! Armored fans won’t get into the stadium in Qatar

Whether the English are getting ready for big matches in football or rugby, the Crusaders are almost never missing in the audience. Many of England’s fans have become accustomed to cheering from the stands in imitation of ring armor decorated with the red cross of St. George, which is also found on the national flag … Read more

An Electric Car Has Been Provided, There Are G20 Guests Asking For Armored Cars

Jakarta – The Indonesian government has prepared a special fleet of electric cars to take VVIP guests, delegates to the G20 activities in Nusa Dua, Bali. Even so, there are G20 guests who have special requests, namely armored vehicles. Secretary of the Ministry of State Secretariat, Setya Utama said there were countries that requested armored … Read more

Alone against the Russian tank: so the Ukrainian soldier blows up the armored vehicle

The shooting of this Ukrainian drone, then spread by the Kiev propaganda, shows a paratrooper alone facing a Russian tank: the military waits for the armored vehicle to arrive at the right height and then surprises it by suddenly coming out of the woods and opening fire. He amazes the lack of reaction of the … Read more

A powerful blow by the Ukrainians to the occupiers: 3 ammunition depots, 3 armored vehicles, a tank, mortars were destroyed

Ukrainian missile and artillery units reportedly conducted more than 200 fire missions. “Our aviation carried out 10 strikes against the enemy’s technical bases and entrenchments in the Berislav and Bashtansky districts, the positions of the enemy’s air defense systems in Kachovka. Missile and artillery units carried out 220 fire missions. Enemy losses: 17 occupiers, “Grad”, … Read more

Weapons, aviation, armored vehicles, nuclear warheads… which country has what? (infographics)

Double key system A – diplomatic – brake on the use of these weapons also exists, as recalled this Monday morning on La Première Joseph Henrotin, researcher in strategic issues and editor-in-chief of the magazine Defense and International Security (DSI). Some nuclear warheads are thus under a regime of double keys. “Their use will depend … Read more

Minsk: 170 Russian tanks, 200 armored personnel carriers and 100 guns will be sent to Belarus

The Russian army contingent deployed in Belarus as part of the so-called Joint Forces Group (SUG) will have 170 tanks, 200 armored personnel carriers and 100 cannons, Valery Revenko, the Deputy Minister of Defense of Belarus for International Cooperation, said on Twitter. As reported, Revenko said on Sunday that the personnel of the Russian contingent … Read more

Ukrainian armored personnel carriers can crush the Russians at Nova Kahovka

The fate of Nova Kahovka, roughly 70 kilometers from Kherson, could be the next turning point in the Russian-Ukrainian war. According to the latest report from British intelligence, the Russian units are facing a huge dilemma: retreat beyond the Dnieper River, which represents a natural defense, and establish a bridgehead there, or try to defend … Read more

They were the guests at the “armored” wedding of Paulina Peña and Fernando Tena

Weeks before their first wedding, which took place on September 10 in Mexico City, Paulina she was maid of honor Daniela Ortes Lopezone of her best friends, who is involved in the food and beverage industry and studied at the European Bartender School. Daniela He studied at the Colegio Miraflores and also took a degree … Read more

It’s hard to believe: the Ukrainian Pobeda armored car is on the war front

Most recently, Topgir told about apynaujį “Porsche Cayenne”, which a former resident of Kiev drives on the war front. However, as 15min already wrote, a wide variety of vehicles can be seen on the war front: from Russian NIVAs and UAZs to modern Porsches. However, even Topgir journalists were surprised to receive a photo of … Read more