The successor to the Army Humvee has become a hybrid, promising a number of benefits

Electrification is also gaining more and more space in the field of military vehicles, where it is said to offer a number of advantages. For many decades, the iconic car of the American Armed Forces was the so-called Humvee, which was a nickname derived from the official designation High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV). However, … Read more

Black Saturday. Arsonists unleashed a finished hell in Cairo, the British burned alive

British authority limited itself mainly to the area around the Suez Canal. On the contrary, the presence of Egyptian police officers was supposed to demonstrate the Egyptian influence on the area around the canal. The British watched her with reluctance, which was significantly reflected in the knowledge that Egyptian police forces supported paramilitary Islamic groups … Read more

Lukashenko threatens to send the entire Belarusian army to the border with Ukraine

According to him, this is due to the fact that “the Ukrainians began to mobilize there.” Mr Lukashenko claims that Belarus and Russia have long announced plans to hold joint military exercises near the Ukrainian border. “This is important for us, because we will have to deploy an entire contingent of the Belarusian army there … Read more

Russian strike from all sides, destruction of Ukraine and withdrawal of troops, analysts in Foreign Affairs anticipate – ČT24 – Czech Television

“The world is on the threshold of the largest military offensive since World War II,” the authors warn. They assume that diplomatic negotiations will lead nowhere, because Russia, Ukraine and the West have nowhere to retreat. They outline three possible scenarios for further development. The mildest is Russia’s recognition of the independence of the two … Read more

Arms supplies will not save Ukraine, experts say. The agreement with Russia may be based on nuclear weapons – ČT24 – Czech Television

Former Foreign Minister Svoboda considers the outcome of the Geneva talks to be an “extremely poor result”. According to him, expectations were high, but the result has not yet come. In the negotiations, the West must change its strategy and offer something. Russia will withstand enormous pressure. Ditrych also believes that a reciprocal strategy should … Read more

To want to go back to school, a Hong Kong professor has gone viral because he looks like BTS’ J-Hope

EDITORNEWS.ID – A professor went viral on TikTok after uploading a video of him dancing to the song “Danger” BTS. Hong Kong-based influencer Austin So (With Tiktok account @austin_so) recently shared a video that has caused a stir on social media. The video begins with him walking to class which is then followed by agile … Read more

The Chinese army accuses the US unit of trespassing into the disputed waters

“We strongly demand that the US stop this kind of provocative actions. Otherwise, it will suffer the serious consequences of unpredictable events,” said the command of the southern theater of hostilities of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (ALW). The US VII Fleet announced that the destroyer USS Benfold was exercising “the right of navigation and … Read more

The Israeli army reveals the fact that a missile was launched from Lebanon towards the country

successfully registered!Please go to the link attached in the body of the e-mail send backالجيش-الإسرائيلي-يكشف-حقيقة-إطلاق-صاروخ-من-لبنان-باتجاه-البلاد-1056711410.html The Israeli army reveals the fact that a missile was launched from Lebanon towards the country The Israeli army reveals the fact that a missile was launched from Lebanon towards the country The Israeli army revealed, at dawn today, … Read more

Sweden strengthens army presence on Gotland in response to Russian threat / Article

The rise of Russia’s military threat in Sweden has re-ignited the debate over whether the country should join NATO. A similar discussion has taken place recently also in Sweden’s neighboring country Finland. Russian missiles in Kaliningrad The leadership of the Swedish Armed Forces announced this week that it will increase the presence of troops in … Read more