Putin’s army faces major challenges in Ukraine. That must have surprised him.

Russia is struggling in Ukraine, and the goals seem increasingly distant. Now Vladimir Putin’s advisers are said to have started to tell him the truth. President Vladimir Putin’s war against Ukraine has not gone smoothly. But how much does he really know? Western intelligence is not entirely sure of that. Photo: Mikhail Metzel, Sputnik/Reuters/NTB 5. … Read more

The Russian army demolishes high-rise buildings in Mariupol

In the temporarily occupied Ukrainian city of Mariupol of Russia the forces are massively demolishing the apartment buildings damaged in the attacks to try to hide their war crimes, the Mariupol City Council informed on the “Telegram” website. Content will continue after the ad Advertising “The Russians are demolishing high-rise buildings en masse in the … Read more

Zelensky called on Ukrainians to support the army

The main task of the state and the people is to support the Forces for defense and provide the Ukrainian defenders with everything they need. This was said by the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky in his evening address, Ukrinform reported. US intelligence expects a slowdown in the war in Ukraine Both Ukrainian and Russian … Read more

After the rocket attack, the Israeli army conducts airstrikes in the Gaza Strip

The Israeli army said the strikes hit the “main rocket production facility” of the Palestinian organization Hamas in the Gaza Strip and a Hamas tunnel in the south of the coastal strip. The strikes came after Palestinian militants from the Gaza Strip fired a rocket towards the Israeli border on Saturday night. It was the … Read more

The Salvadoran president sent troops to the suburbs of the capital. They’re supposed to mess with the local gangs

“About 8,500 soldiers and 1,500 operatives have surrounded the city and members of the police intervention forces together with the army are taking the gang members out of there one by one,” President Bukele wrote on Twitter on Saturday. He supplemented the post with a video showing crowds of soldiers or a convoy of trucks … Read more

Mutiny in the Russian army. It was about lack of food and rusty weapons

Until recently, Russia prided itself on having one of the best armies in the world. But the war in Ukraine proves every day that these were idle boastings. Russian units lack basic tools, not only for combat, but also for everyday life in the barracks. And although such facts are carefully hidden by the local … Read more

Qatar adopts the American-French initiative: aid in exchange for electing the army commander

Yesterday, the eighth session of the House of Representatives to elect a President of the Republic confirmed the basic impression that there are external obstacles that dictate the continuation of the situation in Lebanon as it is, without any change, at least until after the holidays, which requires seriously dealing with the vacuum phase with … Read more

How many soldiers do you see in the photo? The riddle of the Finnish army

“How many pioneers do you see in the picture?” the Finnish army asked, posting a photo showing a snow-covered forest and a road. At first glance, there are no soldiers dressed in camouflage uniforms. According to the Finnish portal iltalehti.fi, the photo was taken during the ongoing exercises in North Karelia. “The photo shows a … Read more

This is how we live now — ČT24 — Czech Television

A Russian army cameraman filmed soldiers in winter gear with a machine gun in perfect condition on a training ground in Belarus. The footage was later provided by the Ministry of Defense to foreign news agencies. However, the real picture of a large part of the Russian army is quite different. The internet is filled … Read more