Imprisoned but determined. Macík is planning a Dakar offensive and hides a big surprise

Quite unfortunate, staying trapped in your own cabin. However, the complication with the lock remained a merry incident. Pilot Martin Macík had to make a major decision after the preparatory rally in Morocco. He will go to the next Dakar again with a proven truck Karel. He is preparing a new Arnošt for the second … Read more

Arnošt imprisoned Macík in a car, otherwise the Czech pilot is winning with him in Morocco

An unexpected surprise. The leading driver of the rally in Morocco, Martin Macík, trapped in a car Big Shock Racing The new Dakar truck is not built for slow starts and Martin Macík is definitely not saving Arnošt in Morocco. The Iveco Powerstar special, developed by team boss Martin Macík Sr. with the MM Technology … Read more

Macík represents Arnošt’s reinforcement, he immediately puts it in his body

Father and son Macíková represent Arnošt … Big Shock Racing Dakar pilot Martin Macík has a new toy. His dad and team boss built him a race truck. His name is Arnošt, according to the cabin it is an Iveco Powerstar, but the special construction was created on the basis of 20 years of design … Read more