Opava – Prostějov 1:1, Wágner arranged for Příbram to win in Jihlava in the second league and move to second place

Příbram lost after Křehlík’s strike in the 24th minute, but Wágner equalized before halftime. The team captain decided in the 88th minute and scored his 17th goal of the season. Jihlava lost for the sixth time out of the last seven games. Opava was put in the lead in the fifth minute by Šigut, and … Read more

Galkin * arranged a dance at Disneyland with twins Lisa and Harry (video)

Maksim Galkin* has been living abroad for more than a year. He prefers to tour a lot, but Alla Pugacheva with her children Lisa and Harry is in Israel. However, she recently left them with a nanny for a few days, as came to Moscow for the funeral of Valentin Yudashkin. But the husband of … Read more

Must be arranged!! Steven Gerrard: This Liverpool target is really cool.

Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard has praised Inter Milan midfielder Nicolo Barella as a complete player. After the player is a target for the Reds team’s army Earlier, Italian media reported that Liverpool sent scouts to San Siro to monitor Nicolo Barella’s performance in Inter’s win over Lazio.football results 3-1, including the latest game in which … Read more

Beata Kozidrak has arranged herself richly, but not kitschy. We look at ornaments on the wall and expensive trinkets

Beata Kozidrak lived in climatic Lublin for years, but some time ago she moved to bustling Warsaw. The singer’s house is impressive and certainly far from modest and simple. The artist, beloved by the crowd, turns 62 and still does not slow down. Beata Kozidrak is certainly one of the most popular artists of the … Read more

Seung had to be stopped, a Tso and security measures were arranged. Never implemented: why?

Lucca, 29 April 2023 – Not even a month before the attack on the doctor Barbara Capovania request had been made for Tso are Gianluca Paul Seungbut something got stuck. It was the Lucca police station that advanced it, after the 35-year-old had sown chaos in the offices. This is just one of the latest … Read more

French spec. glory hour of the forces: the plane with hostages was supposed to crash into the Eiffel Tower, but a real apocalypse was arranged for the terrorists

GIGN foiled a terrorist plan to divert an aircraft with passengers to the center of Paris (it is believed that the intention was to crash into the Eiffel Tower or a high-rise building). This operation saved hundreds if not thousands of lives. After almost seven years, on September 11, 2001, i

The barrage was arranged by a teacher in Zlín. My clock has to fall off, says the unexpected shooter Novotný

On Monday evening, Martin Novotný became a Zlín hero. In the role of an unexpected scorer, he decided overtime against Vsetín and moved the Rams into the playoff for a return to the hockey extra league. A few hours later, the thirty-four-year-old defender was already teaching physical education at a school in Přerov. In the … Read more

Good job! “Pom Winit” arranged for “Nu Mam” to reduce her age from 56 to 26.

The mother, the mother, the mother has been here every generation, rubbing her eyes vigorously, updating the latest beauty. The host of the mother “Nu Mam Suriwipha”, the aura is too strong to resist. After being a wizard of the makeup industry “Fort Winit” Up to the face, hitting the new face in a chop-chopped … Read more

Simple, cheap and invisible to radar. The Australians arranged cardboard drones for the Ukrainians

Corvo drones belong to the PPDS category, i.e. precision cargo delivery systems. According to the company, it is a “low-cost consumer drone for delivering supplies and equipment to areas where traditional means of logistics cannot reach.” They can, for example, deliver medicine or food packages to the soldiers defending Bachmut. However, at the request of … Read more

Allegations of wanting to flee abroad have surfaced, Rafael Alun Trisambodo is said to have arranged the country to go to

KILAT.com – Some time ago, the public was shocked by the news that Rafael Alun Trisambodo was said to be going abroad. The news of Rafael Alun Trisambodo’s alleged going abroad emerged after his case went viral and became the public spotlight. Initially, the news that Rafael Alun Trisambodo was suspected of wanting to flee … Read more