Prohibited Homecoming, Police Arrest Humping Travelers in Vegetable Trucks

Jakarta – The Traffic Directorate of Polda Metro Jaya arrested a number of people who were determined to do something homecoming and across the Jabodetabek border. In that arrest, para travelers trying to trick the police by hiding in a vegetable truck. “At 01.05, the National Police secured a truck loaded with vegetables carrying travelers … Read more

A smart pen and ruler for the iPad tablet

The American company “Adobe” specializing in the design software and electronic publishing has launched its entry into the hardware market of electronic devices by launching the “Adobe Ink” and “Adobe Line” appendices designed to complete the company’s latest applications, “Sketch”, “Line” and “Photoshop Mix” dedicated to the device. IPad, by providing its graphic package with … Read more

The doctor who contributed to the arrest of Osama bin Laden pays a high price

Ten years after al-Qaeda leader and founder Osama bin Laden was shot and killed by US special forces, doctor Shakeel Afridi is still in prison. He is seen as a traitor and a scapegoat. He probably played a role when the CIA tried to locate bin Laden’s hideout in Pakistan. And there is no sign … Read more

The doctor who contributed to the arrest of Osama bin Laden pays a high price

Shakeel Afridi probably helped the CIA find Osama bin Laden. In Pakistan, he is a traitor. In the United States, he is quite. Regardless of status, he pays a very high price. Archive image of Osama bin Laden from 1998. Photo: AP / NTB Published: Published: Less than 3 hours ago Ten years after al-Qaeda … Read more

Arrest Munarman, Police Headquarters Flood Wreaths of Congratulations and Appreciation

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.TV – The National Police Headquarters was flooded with wreaths containing congratulations and appreciation for the arrest of the former General Secretary of FPI, Munarman. Various layers of society through these flower wreaths expressed their gratitude for the performance of the National Police and Densus 88. Previously, the Densus 88 team arrested the former … Read more

Revealed the facts of the arrest of a drug party police officer at the hotel, bringing 3 children and 3 residents

However, later it was confirmed if it was a middle officer or the Head of Narcotics Unit at the Police Headquarters Surabaya, AKBP Memo Ardian, was not involved in a drug party, but only as a witness to the actions of his subordinates. SERAMBINEWS.COM – Four Polrestabes police officers Surabaya arrested a drug party at … Read more

The Citgo 6 are released from prison under house arrest in Venezuela

The Citgo 6 are sent to house arrest 2:04 (CNN) –– The 6 executives of the oil company Citgo, who remained detained in Venezuela, were released from prison under house arrest, two lawyers for the men and a former United States governor who was lobbying for their release confirmed to CNN. The group of five … Read more

Police Violence, USA | Video shows Latin American man dying under brutal arrest in US

A Latin American man in Alameda in the USA has died after a police officer pressed his knee against his back for over 4 minutes. The incident was captured on video. The video is from the body cameras of two police officers and was published this week. Now the rage against the authorities is increasing … Read more

Satire of Finding Evidence at Former FPI Headquarters, Dedek Prayudi Sindir Balik Fadli Zon

PR TASIKMALAYA – On arrest Munarman, police also searched the former headquarters of the Islamic Defenders Front (REIT). From the former headquarters REIT That, the police found a number of items that were used evidence in arrest Munarman. The evidence is in the form of documents and / or books, to attributes REIT. Also Read: … Read more

Fadli Zon Called Munarman’s Arrest Less Work

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Deputy Chairman of the Gerindra Party, Fadli Zon admitted that he did not believe in the alleged terrorism case filed by the police against the former General Secretary of the Islamic Defenders Front (Sekum FPI), Munarman. According to him, the accusation was far-fetched and lacked work. Fadli conveyed this via his … Read more