Arrested Perpetrator Who Seized and Rape Junior High School Student in Pati until Pregnant, Turns Out to be a Recidivist for Child Abuse

AS – Satreskrim Polres Also arrested Puji Handoyo (23) alias Banyak, the perpetrator who held and raped a junior high school student in Pati Regency, Central Java, N (15). Pati Police Chief AKBP Christian Tobing said that the police managed to stop the escape from the residents of Alasdowo Village, Dukuhseti District, Pati to … Read more

The maniac who harasses girls outside the gym: arrested and released

He annoys girls and injures a local police officer in Desio, in Brianza, but after a few hours he is already at liberty. It happened on Tuesday in the area of ​​the federal center for artistic gymnastics near the Paladesio. The author of the gesture is a young Nigerian, who has harassed some young people, … Read more

Injured in Jerusalem in bus attack, suspect arrested

AFP NOS News•yesterday, 05:11•Amended yesterday, 08:56 Seven people were injured in Jerusalem last night when a bus was shot at. Two victims are in critical condition in hospital. A pregnant woman who was hit is said to be in mortal danger. After an hours-long manhunt by the police, the suspect of the attack turned himself … Read more

the war – Shall be arrested

The Russian former separatist leader and intelligence officer Igor Girkin (51) is said to have been arrested by Russian forces while trying to enter the Ukrainian Kherson region – where fierce fighting is taking place – from the Crimean peninsula. This is claimed by several sources, including the Russian ultra-nationalist Aleksandr Zhuchkovsky Telegram. This is … Read more

The perpetrators of the murder of elementary school students in the classroom were arrested by the police, the motive was allegedly because of revenge – Perpetrators of the murder of elementary school students (SD) in Deli SerdangNorth Sumatra, was arrested by the police. The perpetrator was arrested in the Medan Krio area, Sunggal District, Deli Serdang Regency, North Sumatra. The police had a hard time catching the perpetrators. The reason is, after doing what he did, the perpetrator … Read more

Throwing stones on the A1, the arrested: “I wanted someone to talk to”

PRAISE – “I wanted to hurt myself”: El Sayed Mohamed Abdel Hamid Mod Doniathe 22-year-old blocked by the police after he threw objects at the cars that passed on the Autostrada del Sole between Lodi and Casalpusterlengo on Friday – hitting the car of the Northern League parliamentarian Claudia Gobbato -, he explained today as … Read more

Lecce, the arsonist arrested is a Civil Protection volunteer: caught by the Forestry camera traps – The video

And civil protection operator he was 53 years old arrested and placed under house arrest by the Forestry Carabinieri of Lecce because on 2 August last he set fire to inside the Guarini woodin the municipality of Tricasecausing a fire that destroyed 1.5 hectares of land. According to the reconstruction of the carabinieri, on the … Read more

Uncle Who Killed Nephew in Classroom Arrested, Motive to Perpetrator Suspected of Mental Disorder

TRIBUNNEWS.COM – R (32), the uncle who had the heart to kill his nephew SRB (10) in Kabupaten Deli SerdangNorth Sumatra, was finally arrested. R’s heinous action was carried out when the victim was attending a lesson at the Baiti Jannati Foundation, Sunggal District, Kabupaten Deli SerdangTuesday (9/8/2022). R was arrested in the area of … Read more

The Metro Jaya Police Chief’s Strict Directions After Four Officers Are Arrested in the Murder Case of Brigadier J Reporter, Fandi Permana TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA – Murder case investigation Brigadier J with the suspect, the former Head of the National Police Propam Division, Inspector General of Police Ferdy Sambo revealing facts that have been hidden for a long time. After the case has been running for more than a month, now the development of … Read more