Hundreds of protesters detain Covid-19 restrictions in Berlin / Article

Berlin authorities have banned three more demonstrations on Monday against restrictions imposed in the fight against the coronavir pandemic following violence during unauthorized protests on Sunday. About 5,000 people took part in the demonstration in Berlin on Sunday. During the unauthorized protests, clashes with police broke out and about 600 people were detained. Many of … Read more

US and UK blame Iran for attack on ship / Article

Britain and the United States blame Iran for attacking a ship that killed two people. An Israeli-flagged tanker, Mercer Street, was attacked last Thursday off the coast of Oman. Both superpowers have vowed to respond to the attack, calling it a violation of international law. A British and Romanian citizen was killed in the attack. … Read more

Pfizer and Moderna raise EU prices for their Covid-19 vaccines / Article

Pharmaceutical companies Pfizer and Moderna have raised prices for the European Union (EU) for their Covid-19 vaccines, the Financial Times reports. Pharmaceutical giants have renegotiated vaccine supply contracts with the EU, citing inflation, supply chain congestion and high demand for vaccines as reasons for raising prices. A similar rise in prices is expected in other … Read more

Within a month, the prevalence of Covid-19 has grown by 80% / Article

The global prevalence of Covid-19 has almost doubled in the last four weeks, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). This is due to the most contagious delta variant of the coronavirus. IN SHORT: WHO: The number of Covid-19 cases has increased by 80% in a month. The most contagious variant of the coronavirus delta … Read more

Myanmar six months after the coup; promises multi-party parliamentary elections in 2023 / Article

Sunday, August 1, marks six months since the military coup in Myanmar. Its military leader has reiterated its readiness to hold multi-party parliamentary elections within two years and to work with an envoy appointed by the Association of South-East Asian Nations. Meanwhile, small sections of the population continue to protest against the military leadership. It … Read more

In Europe, forest fires continue to rage in both Finland and Greece / Article

Extensive forest fires continue in several parts of Europe. In Finland, firefighters are fighting the largest forest fire in at least half a century, which has destroyed an area of ​​about 300 hectares in a few days. The fire broke out this week south of the small port town of Gulf of Bothnia in Kalajoki. … Read more

Rimi will invest one million euros to implement a deposit system in more than 100 stores / Article

Today, 11:01 Updated today, 12:19 By investing more than 1 million euros in the implementation of the deposit system, the retailer “Rimi Latvia” (“Rimi”) will provide customers with the opportunity to deliver glass and PET bottles, as well as metal cans in more than 100 “Rimi” stores throughout Latvia. On Friday, July 30, “Rimi” signed … Read more

Another 60 Frontex specialists will help Lithuania control the flow of migrants / Article

Another 60 specialists from the European Union (EU) border agency Frontex have arrived in Lithuania to help Lithuania control the flow of migrants from Belarus. The EU has called the use of migrants for political purposes unacceptable, threatening to impose new sanctions on Minsk, but at the same time promising to help Vilnius by sending … Read more

Italy is battling hundreds of wildfires / Article

Italy’s emergency services continue to fight hundreds of wildfires in various parts of the country. Assistance has been requested from the Calabria region in the south of the country, from Lazio, where Rome is located, and from the islands of Sicily and Sardinia. Both the plane and the firefighters on the ground fight with the … Read more