Russia attacked Ukraine with Iranian drones at night / Article

In the Kyiv region, the educational building of a vocational high school and two dormitory buildings were destroyed, three people were killed. Seven people were injured. Earlier on Wednesday, a Russian missile hit a residential area in Zaporizhzhia, and two high-rise buildings caught fire. A total of 34 people were injured and 29 of them … Read more

“TTT Rīga” basketball players win the first quarterfinal game in the Baltic League / Article

Dekaia Cohen scored 24 points for the Riga players, who also grabbed 15 rebounds, while team captain Kate Wilka added 17 points to the winners’ stock. Martina Petrenaite was the top scorer in the Kaunas team with 21 points. In the tournament, the team that will be superior in the sum of two games will … Read more

Rastorgujev finishes 18th in the pursuit at the Biathlon World Cup stage with six shooting errors / Article

18. marts, 13:39 Added March 18, 2:22 p.m A convincing victory was won by the Norwegian Juhannes Tinjes Bä, who started from the first position, but he skied one penalty lap, but at the finish he was 32.7 seconds ahead of the French biathlete Kentin Fillon-Mayier, who won the second place. The winner’s compatriot Sturla … Read more

Hockey player Girgensons scores a goal, “Sabres” lose in post-game shots / Article

The Latvian scored in the sixth minute of the third period, making it 4:2 for “Sabres”. Girgenson’s goal To view this resource, we need your consent to cookies. I agree to “Third Party” cookiesManage cookies In total, Girgensons played almost 15 minutes (14:56), of which one minute and seven seconds was in the numerical minority. … Read more

Latvia calls on the sanctions against Belarus to be reconciled with the restrictions imposed on Russia / Article

Rinkevičs expressed the position that the political, economic and diplomatic pressure against Russia should be continued, the adopted sanctions should be effectively implemented and their circumvention should be prevented. The minister also called for a decision as soon as possible to reconcile the sanctions imposed on Belarus with those on Russia, thus reducing their circumvention. … Read more

Jázeps Vītola’s 160th anniversary is celebrated at the Music Academy / Article

20. marts, 19:53 Authors: Eva Heinsberga (LTV program editor) “My whole life has been variations on the theme – fatherland Latvia,” said Jāzeps Vītols – composer, founder of the Latvian Conservatory, professor who shook hands with every student in greeting, never used a textbook in his classes, gave all the material from memory, kept the … Read more

Gaps in the budget of the song and dance festival should be filled with revenues from the festival / Article

IN SHORT: An additional 5.5 million euros were needed for the performance of the song and dance festival at the planned level. The Saeima, approving the state budget, has additionally allocated 3.2 million euros for the holiday. The government has decided to pay the State Fire and Rescue Service and the Emergency Medical Assistance Service … Read more

Serial doubts around an article on a superconducting material

A sample about a millimeter in diameter of lutetium hydride, a superconducting mixture created in the laboratory of Ranga Dias, Rochester, seen under a microscope. This composite image is the result of stacking the focus and color enhancement of multiple images. J. ADAM WINDOW/UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER Dark clouds are beginning to gather over a recent … Read more

A sound remix was made for the Latvian Eurovision song “Aija” / Article

“Creating a remix for the winner of “Supernova” or Latvia’s representative in the big Eurovision was once a tradition for me. It broke in 2019, when Latvia nominated a lyrical song (“Carousel” – “That Night”) for Eurovision, and its performers did not want remixes played in clubs and parties. This year, hearing our Eurosong, I … Read more

Nintendo Switch Online: Which games for Game Boy (Color) and Game Boy Advance are we still missing – ntower

Many had already expected it, but on February 8, 2023, it became official in a Nintendo Direct: The handheld classics Nintendo Game Boy, Nintendo Game Boy Color and Nintendo Game Boy Advance are now included in the Nintendo Switch Online subscription. Since then, all regular subscribers have had access to games for Nintendo’s first dedicated … Read more